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Jul 26, 2014

Your Work Matters: Making History (or Not)

I was running afternoon errands and pulled into a parking spot between the Rockrimmon Library Branch and Safeway. First on the list: return library books. Near the library entrance, I spotted a bumper sticker that said, “Well-Behaved Women Don’t Make History,” which immediately triggered some thoughts, including: The woman who...
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Jul 20, 2014

Submit Your Story (Link-up): Your Work Matters to God

The time you nearly died of boredom during a meeting...again. The week you almost quit because you felt insignificant, unappreciated, and underpaid. The year of depression, doubt, and downsizing in which you felt abandoned by God. We want those stories, and we invite you to tell them this week in...
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Jun 5, 2014

Social Justice at Work: Use the Gifts You Have

I remember introducing someone to the wide-open world of Google. It was a few years ago, about the time “Google” the proper noun was morphing into “google” the verb, meaning “to search the Internet to find information.” I forget her name, but I remember her amazement quite clearly. There was...
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Jun 5, 2014

Social Justice at Work: How to Respond to Extravagance

The man is a “club scene legend,” my roommate tells me. He’s a real-life Batman: a mysterious, wealthy benefactor. You’ll be minding your own business at an exclusive nightclub when––surprise!––he swoops onto the scene, showering you with charitable gifts.gifts. YouTube clips show this charity in action. They depict the sorts...
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Jun 2, 2014

Social Justice: Four Reasons to Pursue Change

For most of us, the idea of justice seems like something from a comic book. Superheroes in colored tights battling power hungry villains. Or maybe we look to our government for justice. Honorable people in black robes at the Supreme Court ruling on the laws of the land. Increasingly, the...
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Jun 1, 2014

Social Justice at Work: Getting Past the Stone Table

by Jody Lee Collins
In the ending scene of 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe' , Aslan is tied to the stone table, left to die. As mice furiously chew the ropes that bind him, Lucy and Susan turn away to watch the dawn. Suddenly there is a deafening ‘crack!’ “like the sound...
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