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Oct 7, 2014

Pursue God: Running Uphill

Over the 2009 holidays I fed my belly with lumpia , atole , chocolate cake—everything that came out of my kitchen. I overindulged. Something had to change. Two days after Christmas, I started running every day. We live on a hill, so those first days I ran half a block...
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Oct 6, 2014

Pursue God: A Daily Reminder of My Incredible Need

For most of my corporate career, I pursued attention. I thrived on the spotlight, the worshipful attention from other people. I prided myself in the business acumen that I was born with. I was good. So good. Not to say I was without faith. I knew God noticed me. I...
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Oct 2, 2014

Vocation Focus: Do You Know What You Want?

by Angela Aadahl
What do you want? I’ve grown up in a culture that taught me all I needed to do was figure out what I wanted and then go make it happen: whatever the cost, whatever means necessary. The biggest problem was I had no idea what I wanted. Still don’t. Am...
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Sep 23, 2014

Best Books for Business: Love Works

Can a company in today’s cutthroat world actually run on biblical principles – and prosper? Can an organization be guided by faith and still be sensitive to a diverse world? Can you take the words of Jesus and put them in a corporate setting? There is a company that’s doing...
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Sep 23, 2014

The Business Books That Have Most Influenced Me

Over the years, I probably have read most of the self-help books that have taken the business world by storm. Speechwriters were almost required to do this, if for nothing else than finding a topical quote to use in an executive’s speech. In Search of Excellence . Who Moved My...
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Sep 22, 2014

Best Books for Business: The Business of Work

When I gave Dad a tour of my workplace, we were maybe five steps into the newsroom when he took in our paper-piled desks and file-filled boxes and asked, “Does OSHA ever visit here?” Dad worked at an an industrial bakery — hot, heavy, noisy work, turning out thousands of...
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