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Feb 11, 2014

Community Post: Beauty in Life and Death

Hospitals are not typically seen as beautiful locations. From someone on the outside looking in, the boring white walls and hygienically-cleaned floors lack the power to inspire, motivate, and encourage. Yet this is the place I have found the most beauty in my life. This is the location where I...
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Feb 7, 2014

Encouraging Vocation, Inspiring the Church

This week we’ve been exploring the relationship between our church lives and our vocational lives and it’s been encouraging to see the many different ways we are approaching this topic. Over the last decade, there has been much thought into creating an environment where workplace Christians are encouraged to pursue...
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Feb 7, 2014

Will You Pray for my Success?

It had been a weekly tradition for years. A circle of friends, lifting up our burdens together. One asked for prayer for her toddler’s health, another for an ailing grandmother, and yet another, for resolution to the argument she was having with her husband. The closer it got to me,...
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Feb 6, 2014

Community Post: The Extraordinary Influence of Example

Not long ago, I spent some time in a professional and spiritual funk. The experience felt much like I envision the biblical wilderness journey: hot, sticky, and miserable — the kind of journey that sucks you dry and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Months earlier, I’d uncovered the...
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Feb 5, 2014

Community Post: Now I Know

It is easy for a pastor to get “tunnel vision.” That tunnel vision comes from a semi-isolation factor inherent from the nature of the job. For years I had preached about holding out a “light” in the workplace, of being salt, of making a difference. It was easy, at least...
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Feb 4, 2014

Community Post: Sweeter Than Chocolate

I remember the brilliant light igniting the eerie black mornings, the sun still fast asleep in the hay. The chocolate letters jumped off the blazing white sign that hung over main street revealing the owner’s name of the small town’s only donut shop and place to get a cup-a-joe in...
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