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Oct 22, 2014

Find New Life: The Lesson of Second Place

In high school, I finished second in my graduating class. And while that may seem like an accomplishment, and I was indeed proud of it– still, it was second place. Not first. In college, I auditioned to be an emcee for a special show. I encouraged my roommate to also...
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Oct 21, 2014

Find New Life: The Power of Second Chances

I was raised a Missouri Synod Lutheran, courtesy of my mother. I was raised with a strong Protestant work ethic, courtesy of my father. Both of those influences fused me into something of an overachiever, although only for those things where I felt I had a chance to overachieve. Academics...
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Oct 20, 2014

Find New Life: Any Day, Any Season

I knew these days would come. I knew the lease would end and she would move. I knew the bellies would swell while mine stayed flat ish despite my swelling baby fever. I knew the leaves would change again and the temperature would sooth itself off the ledge of languishing...
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Oct 10, 2014

Pursue God: Playing Tug-Of-War With God

I asked a classroom of women a question a few weeks ago and my words hung in the silent air. I knew I’d stumbled onto something. I had scribbled a line on a page with a single spot in the middle. With my black marker I threw down the words...
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Oct 9, 2014

Pursue God: The Changing Chase

In high school, pursuing God meant raising my hands in praise, saying the right things, and never questioning . It meant choosing to pursue, even when saying those right things didn’t lead to discovering the right answers and when church felt far away. In college, pursuing God meant deconstructing all...
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Oct 8, 2014

Pursue God: Time, Quiet, and Community

He is the One great Love of my life. The One Who has absolutely never failed me. He pursues me endlessly and relentlessly. The truth is: I can never pursue Him enough. I want to know Him more, but I get busy. Many times with His business. And I forget...
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