Feb 16, 2006

Giving Servant Leadership the Works: An Interview with Ken Melrose

An Interview with Ken Melrose, Toro Company's former CEO: Does faith go to work with you? And if it does, what does it look like? Toro Company’s former CEO, Ken Melrose , answers with a book on servant leadership. Ken’s faith at work showed up in his spirit of service...Read more +
Feb 16, 2015

Ball Field

Ray left teaching at age forty to attend graduate school. Money was tight, and he worked part-time at the city’s baseball stadium. Ray had twice pitched his team to the College World Series championship, but now picking up trash and cleaning mounds had little to do with his past glories...Read more +
Sep 26, 2014

David Brooks on Leadership

David Brooks on Leadership
NYT Columnist David Brooks shares some leadership advice: Good leaders can step outside their own egos to understand the opposition.Read more +
Sep 23, 2014

Eisenhower on Leadership

Eisenhower on Leadership
Eisenhower knew something about being a leader. And he could be blunt in his definitions. He said: "You do not lead by hitting people over the head—that's assault, not leadership."Read more +
Sep 18, 2014

"What Are the Important Decisions?" - Steve Norris

"What are the important decisions?" - Steve Norris
The most important decisions I make as a leader are how I treat people. You know, we’re a company, we’re here to make a profit, we’re here to do good work, but really it has to do with relationships.Read more +
Jul 6, 2014

I Want What They Have

Ben had a job, but two other people on his work team got the perks. And that bugged Ben. So he made up his mind to complain. “Boss,” he said, “Jacob and Sharon get upgrades on flights, upgrades on hotels, upgrades on cars. What gives?” Fortunately for Ben, his manager...Read more +
Jun 19, 2014

"What Does It Take to Be a Manager?" - Boyd Clarke

"What Does it Take to be a Manager?" - Boyd Clarke
The essence of business is understanding how to balance; you have a responsibility to your customers, to your employees, and to your investors, and there's often a tension between those. It's managing that tension that is the core of management.Read more +
Jun 19, 2014

Leadership Influence: My Vision Problem

I’ve been wrestling lately with this whole idea of vision. Or perhaps more accurately, with the lack thereof. And it’s odd because several years ago, I delivered a speech in Toastmasters on this very subject. I began by quoting the familiar proverb, “Without vision the people perish.” Advice from the...Read more +
Jun 17, 2014

Leadership Influence: One Thing I Learned about Leadership

My senior year of college I was named as editor of the student newspaper. I couldn’t believe it. I would oversee about 70 to 80 other students and the five-day production of the newspaper. I didn’t sleep much that year. I dreamed of horrible things happening: that we’d print a...Read more +
Jun 17, 2014