Feb 16, 2006

Giving Servant Leadership the Works: An Interview with Ken Melrose

An Interview with Ken Melrose, Toro Company's former CEO: Does faith go to work with you? And if it does, what does it look like? Toro Company’s former CEO, Ken Melrose , answers with a book on servant leadership. Ken’s faith at work showed up in his spirit of service...Read more +
Apr 13, 2014

Don't Go It Alone

Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson was fascinated with ant communities. He recognized that ants identified death by smell. When an ant died, its corpse began to decompose and produce oleic acid. Ants recognized that one of their fellows died from the smell of this acid and would dutifully carry the...Read more +
Mar 24, 2014

Sports for the Glory of God: Interview With Pastor Stephen Chen

What basketball fan could have missed Linsanity and the explosion of basketball supernova Jeremy Lin? This second-generation Chinese-American blew off he NY Knicks’ bench in 2012 to bedazzle the US (and China), first for his court prowess and then for his humility. For those who are not basketball fans, Lin...Read more +
Feb 27, 2014

An Unlikely Mentor

I don't live the kind of life that includes friends whose obituaries are featured in The New York Times . And yet, there I was one December morning riding the DC Metro, scrolling through my daily headline news email, when I was stopped short by a friend's obituary . Ours...Read more +
Feb 25, 2014

Follow Me

For the past five years, I’ve served as Executive Director of PULSE . The Pittsburgh Urban Leadership and Service Experience invites talented university graduates to partner with Pittsburgh nonprofits for a year of service and leadership. It is an incredible vocation that connects me with some of the best and...Read more +
Feb 24, 2014

Mentoring Through Friendship

“Friendships mark our lives, but rarely do we get to peek in on the lives of great men through the prism of friendship.” —Ed Stetzer Bob Buford is the cable-network wunderkind who, sometime in the roaring 1970s, boldly sought out Peter Drucker as a personal consultant. Decades later they were...Read more +
Feb 16, 2014

Humility on the Job

Michelle is that rare CEO who makes everyone around her feel like the most important person in the room. She wants people's opinions. When someone speaks, no matter who, she listens. Her secretary is as important to her as the chairman. When her company earns praise, she spreads the credit...Read more +
Feb 9, 2014

The Church and the High Calling of Our Daily Work

An overview of this edition of The High Calling, with links to more resources for further study. | The Local Church Equipping Us in Our Vocations | Church leaders, rightly, have a primary thing on their mind: The mandate to see people come to salvation in Christ. Church programs, worship...Read more +
Feb 7, 2014

Preaching the High Calling

While I was speaking to a gathering of young professionals, one of them raised his hand and said, “I am struggling to understand why anything in my normal routine matters. I know why I come to church and read the Bible, but I don’t see any lasting value in my...Read more +
Feb 5, 2014

The Transforming Power of Helping People in Their Vocations: Pastors Share Their Stories

"I was repeatedly hearing back from congregants, ‘Thank God somebody’s caring about this!’" That is what one pastor said was the result of becoming intentional about encouraging his congregation in their vocations. In my research for a doctoral dissertation, I've been interviewing pastors around the country who have made a...Read more +