David Brooks on Leadership

Columnist David Brooks listed the qualities of a good president. 1) Leaders live surrounded by both yes-men and critics. They must constantly choose and improvise. So even more than experience, a good leader needs character and self-knowledge. 2) Leaders are internally driven. Their outlooks were grounded before they took on...Read more +

Shackleton's Mission

In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail for the Antarctic. Was the mission a failure? Watch his story and decide for yourself.Read more +

Work Is Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be

When I was a kid, my parents decided to build their own home. It was a marvelous plan – a beautiful house in the suburbs, custom-built on a wooded lot next to a lake. The builder they hired promised amazing things – several sliding glass doors so there would always...Read more +

"Who Has Impacted You as a Leader?" — Matt Barnes

"Who has impacted you as a leader?" - Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes, Executive Director of Families Empowered, looks for leaders who excel both professionally and personally.Read more +

A Place of Hope for Professionals in Crisis

Shame is a burden for many people who struggle with mental illness, but for leaders it can be especially intense, says Dr. Michael Groat, director of the Professionals in Crisis (PIC) program at The Menninger Clinic in Houston, Texas. Doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and other high achievers, by definition, are driven,...Read more +


In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail for the Antarctic. He and his crew of twenty-seven men planned to be the first to trek across the frozen continent. One day's sail from Antarctica, the dream ended. Their ship Endurance became trapped in sea ice and was slowly crushed, forcing the...Read more +

Can Antisocial Leaders Succeed?

Sandra was a bold, charismatic woman who easily dominated the room when I was co-teaching a Bible study in the women’s mod of Santa Ana Jail in Santa Ana, California. Like many of her jail mates, Sandra had a tendency to say “all the right things,” but did not necessarily...Read more +


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