Jan 23, 2015

Rediscovering Community: Redefining Real Friends

I huddle with my husband and two teenagers in a cloud of breath, mesmerized by orange flames licking glass inside two lamps flanking the front door, waiting for signs of life after pushing the doorbell. We’ve arrived for a respite on our first day of a holiday road trip after...Read more +
Feb 13, 2015

Technology at Work: When Online Friendship Leads to Ministry

To this day, neither of us can remember how it began. Did I comment on her blog first, or did she comment on mine? Either way, we consider it a divine-online connection. Susan Stilwell lives in Virginia and I, in Alabama. Susan would laugh at me later, because I would...
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Feb 9, 2015

Technology at Work: Technology in the Classroom

When I was in high school, I learned to type on a typewriter. I’m part of the last generation to remember the classroom without computers—not only as a student, but also as a teacher. When I started teaching English to middle school students, I placed my overhead-projector at the front...
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Jan 23, 2015

Rediscovering Community: Move into the Neighborhood

A coyote was roaming our street. Most of the neighborhood was aware of the coyote’s whereabouts from postings on a private Facebook page, but one couple isn’t on social media. The timing wasn’t convenient or ideal, but warning my neighbors to be cautious and then listening to their struggles trumped...Read more +
Jan 16, 2015

Paying Well: Loving Others Through Fair Wages

“The extra income is a Godsend,” she said. I’d just landed a fairly large new account, one I’d need help managing, so I’d asked one of my regular freelancers if she could take on more work. With two children and three new foster kids arriving at her home soon, the...Read more +
Jan 9, 2015

All Things New: In the Winter of Despair

Each year I think I’ll enjoy winter—I imagine building snowmen, watching little kids lick icicles, having snowball fights, and wrestling with my kids in the tall snow. But with each fun winter activity comes the cold, the deadness of the plants, the dreary skies. By about mid-January, I’ve had enough...Read more +
Jan 10, 2015

When You Don’t Know What to Pray

Romans 8:26
If you were to peek into my office during one of my most frustrated moments, you might see this: A blinking cursor on a blank Microsoft Word document. A frustrated stack of scribbled notes. A woman, with her head in her hands, uttering, “Help me, God. Help me, God. Help...Read more +
Feb 6, 2015

Technology at Work: The Great Digital Commission

At age seven I touched my first computer. By age thirteen, I was connecting multiple computers together over a public telephone network, just for fun. The idea of computers calculating unthinkable amounts of data in mere seconds fascinated my impressionable young mind, but it was the connecting that sent my...Read more +
Feb 13, 2015

What Do You Do: Where We Find Our Worth

“What do you do?” It’s a standard question when adults first meet, and most of us have a short answer ready. I’m a doctor. Pastor. Teacher. Stay-at-home mom. Writer. Engineer. Waitress. Our occupation is not only our source of income, it can also become our identity and the primary source...Read more +
Jan 9, 2015

All Things New: Hope in the Waiting

My first-born son, Isaac, will grow up to be a Renaissance man. He’s like his daddy. If something interests him, he’ll go all in and buy an armload of books on the topic. Isaac’s latest love is herpetology, and so we have owned two lizards and two snakes. He pasted...Read more +