Jul 2, 2014

Best Vacation Stories: Tomorrow Night, Marshmallows

When my childhood friend returned home from vacation, I’d run to her house and ask about the trip. She hiked in the mountains and slept in a tent and fell asleep to night sounds of crickets and tree frogs and hooting owls. They cooked meals wrapped in foil and roasted...Read more +
Jun 23, 2014

Share Your Best Vacation Story With Us

This is the week when you help us make the whole Internet smell like coconut-y sunscreen. And campfire logs. And fresh-mown grass. It's when you help us make the Internet sparkle like fireflies in June and fireworks in July. Stretch yourself out on your lawn, with that scratchy grass tickling...Read more +
Jun 8, 2014

Preventing Burnout: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

I tucked the envelope under the stack of folders in my arm. It came in the company mail with my name on it. I knew what was in it—a gift certificate from headquarters to a fast-food restaurant that didn’t even have a branch within 300 miles. A weak attempt to...Read more +
Jul 1, 2014

Best Vacation Stories: Untaken Photos

A few years ago, an acquaintance heard me say that I never take formal vacations and butted in, “Well, you should. And you need to start this year.” I smiled politely. Must be nice to order Disney World onto someone who can’t afford it like you can . When abrasive...Read more +
Jun 29, 2014

Best Vacation Stories: The Ferry Boat

The island floated alone on the horizon—a tiny blip of land cradled by miles and miles of ocean. The faint glow of the lighthouse’s lens circled around and around, blinking welcome and drawing all eyes. When the ferryboat arrived we piled in, a skiff jumbled with different faces and colors...Read more +
Jul 20, 2014

Making Money: Get What You’re Worth Without Guilt

The prospective client asked, “How much do you charge?” I could answer this; I’d practiced and prayed about it. Though my heart beat wildly and my hands felt clammy, I opened my mouth to give a confident response. Suddenly, I blurted out a number so low it surprised even me—in...Read more +
Jun 22, 2014

Rethinking Scarcity: A Legacy of Abundance

I’ve heard that most of our theology is really autobiography. This is true in my case because I am my father’s daughter. In my family folklore, the story goes like this: my father suffered greatly at the hands of anxiety and worry. Fear took over his life, his work, and...Read more +
Jun 8, 2014

Preventing Burnout: Fashioned for This Work

I began my brief career as a nurse, with no vision, apart from survival—my own and that of my patients. Fear drove me, rather than love for the work. In an attempt to find a job that didn’t suck the life out of me, I bounced from hospitals to long-term...Read more +
Jun 1, 2014

Social Justice at Work: 5 Ways to Serve the Least of These

Immediately after I hear—through a hashtag on Twitter--about the hundreds of girls who were stolen from their school in Nigeria, I dive into an online search and devour every article and video clip I can find on the unspeakable kidnapping. The images haunt me. I feel hot and shaky, and...Read more +
Jul 27, 2014

Your Work Matters: Unspoken Agreement

It’s nearly midmorning when I stand on the porch watching the heat rise off the asphalt. The girls chalk their way down Avent Street, and the boys swing from the tire swing in the big oak tree. The baby and the toddler nap under the ceiling fan inside, and as...Read more +