Jun 6, 2006

The Ten Commandments of Working in a Hostile Environment: An Interview with T. D. Jakes

T. D. Jakes, pastor and businessman, has a long list of accomplishments, growing ever longer. In the past year alone, while leading The Potter’s House Church, one of the nation’s largest, he co-produced and appeared in Woman, Thou Art Loosed , a mainstream film about childhood sexual abuse and redemption...Read more +
Mar 31, 2014

Moving Beyond Mediocrity: Playing It Safe Will Never Change the World

The dust swirled in the hot humid air as I trudged home from school. I slipped the report card next to Mom’s purse, hoping she would just sign it and give it back with cool indifference. No such luck. In our home, earning a mediocre grade was a major event,...Read more +
Mar 22, 2014

How Art Helps Me to Be Still

Psalm 46
Being still has never come easily to me, and I know I’m not alone. Whenever I ask friends how they are doing, the answer is inevitably some variation of, “I’m so busy!” Busy with work, busy with family, busy with looking for work, busy looking for the spouse with whom...Read more +
Apr 13, 2014

Contemplating the Passion of Christ

Do you observe Good Friday? If you are part of a sacramental or liturgical Christian tradition, your church will probably have a service Friday night. Less formal traditions may not have official Good Friday services but may find other ways to present the story of the passion of Jesus. I...Read more +
Apr 3, 2014

Moving Beyond Mediocrity: It's Hard for a Reason

I’m horrible at remembering birthdays and anniversaries and other special occasions. Sure, I love it when I receive a gift or card in the mail on, or especially before, a big day of my own. But I’m usually the one sending the apologetic text at 11 p.m. the night of...Read more +
Apr 13, 2014

The Other Glove

Author James McDermott recalls when he was a young boy at the train station. He saw a man on a departing train fiddling with his pipe. As the man waved goodbye, he removed one glove to better handle the pipe. In his enthusiasm, the glove fell out of the window...Read more +
Mar 24, 2014

Use the Power of Your Words for Good

Ephesians 4:29
As you may recall, in Ephesians 4:22-24 our life in Christ is pictured as a matter of putting off the old self and putting on the new. We get rid of the negative and dress up in the positive. The verses that follow offer specific applications of this general principle...Read more +
Apr 7, 2014

Ruby Bridges

In 1960, a six-year-old named Ruby Bridges integrated New Orleans' public schools. Every morning, through screaming crowds, federal marshals escorted little Ruby to a school now boycotted by whites. Every day, Ruby sat in a classroom—alone except for the teacher. Ruby’s father was fired, and her grandparents were forced to...Read more +
Apr 13, 2014

Remember This Easter: Your Life’s Work Is Not Futile

by Max Lucado
The church of Jesus Christ began with a group of frightened men in a second-floor room in Jerusalem. Though trained and taught, they didn’t know what to say. Though they’d marched with him for three years, they now sat . . . afraid. They were timid soldiers, reluctant warriors, speechless...Read more +
Apr 10, 2014

Stewardship of Creation: An Interview with "Noah" Screenwriter, Ari Handel

The first thing you need to know about Ari Handel, co-writer of the new film adaptation of the Noah story, is that he holds a PhD in neurobiology from New York University. Handel and director/co-writer Darren Aronofsky had been suitemates as Harvard University undergrads and began collaborating on films after...Read more +