Dec 18, 2014

Keeping Christmas Well: Live with Graceful...

2 Corinthians 8:1-9
How can we live rich, full lives? How can we flourish at work and at home, at church and in the community? Second Corinthians 8 answers these questions by drawing out implications of the Incarnation of Christ. Second Corinthians 8 is a first-century fund-raising letter. The Apostle Paul wrote this...Read more +
Dec 18, 2014

Keeping Christmas Well: Taste the New...

2 Corinthians 5:1-21
Happy New Year! Yes, today is the first day of the new year. But it is also the eighth day in the Christian season of Christmas. So, today we continue our series in Keeping Christmas Well. At the same time, our reflection today picks up the theme of newness, focusing...Read more +
Dec 18, 2014

Keeping Christmas Well: Be Part of Christ...

1 Corinthians 12:12-27
How is Christ present in the world today? How can you and I represent him in our daily lives? Our text from 1 Corinthians 12 answers these questions by use of an incarnational analogy. First-century Corinthian culture prized spiritual experience and personal accomplishment. Thus it encouraged both preoccupation with one’s...Read more +
Dec 18, 2014

Advent Reflection: God’s Tender Mercy

Luke 1:67-80
After his son, John, was born, Zechariah “was filled with the Holy Spirit” and uttered a “prophecy” (1:67). His prophecy is often called the Benedictus because of how it begins in Latin: benedictus Deus Israhel (Blessed be the God of Israel). Zechariah praised God for sending a Savior, whose way...Read more +
Dec 17, 2014

Advent Reflection: God’s Promise to David

Psalm 89:1-52
In our Advent reflection today, we remember that we are waiting for the one who is the Son of David, the rightful king of Israel. Psalm 89 accentuates this kind of waiting, first by celebrating God’s unfailing love, which was expressed through the Lord’s covenant with David. The Lord promised:...Read more +
Dec 16, 2014

Advent Reflection: The Child to Be Born

Isaiah 9:1-7
Perhaps one of the clearest prophetic texts in all of Scripture appears in Isaiah 9. I cannot read Isaiah 9:6 without two immediate associations. First, I hear in my memory the mighty chorus of Händel’s “Messiah”: “For unto us a child is born …." Second, I think of Jesus, the...Read more +
Dec 15, 2014

Advent Reflection: Praise

Luke 1:57-66
I have a friend who tends to look on the dark side of things. No matter the subject, chances are he'll come out with something negative. Now I like my friend for lots of reasons, but I sure wish he'd learn to be a little more positive once in a...Read more +
Dec 14, 2014

Can We Eat Together?

Zephaniah 3:17
Standing not much more than three feet tall, with little braids bouncing around her head, Christina was ridiculously cute. She was small for her age and clearly undone by her family’s sudden life change from a home to a shelter. We knew she was having a hard adjustment because she...Read more +
Dec 13, 2014

Middle Ground

Romans 15:12-13
Between the broken beauty of birth and the resolved silence of death is a promise. It’s like a Phoenix rising from ashes. But first we wait. This middle ground is where we live. This is where we wait. This is the advent of hope. Waiting, no matter how long, ultimately...Read more +
Dec 12, 2014

Advent Reflection: Faith

Luke 1:39-45
Every now and then while I’m channel surfing on TV, I pause to listen to a preacher. It’s not uncommon to hear televangelists talk about how faith is the key to being blessed by God. “If you will only believe,” they insist, “then God will bless you.” Often that blessing...Read more +