Feb 17, 2014

Dressing Up Like God

Ephesians 4:22-24
Children love to dress up in their parents' clothing. I can still remember when I was a young boy, walking around wearing my dad's giant shoes and humongous coat. When I put on his clothes, I felt like I was my dad. Perhaps I even acted like my dad without...Read more +
Feb 16, 2014

The Art of Your Work

Genesis 1
Several years ago I saw Wicked on Broadway. I knew I would like it as I’ve always enjoyed all things Oz. But sitting in the dark theatre, the lights from the stage falling softly on my lap, my experience went beyond mere enjoyment. One word floated up from my subconscious:...Read more +
Feb 15, 2014

Remind Yourself the What, How, and Why...

Colossians 3
Late January through about February, I start to get cranky. I think, deep down, more of my less-than-savory attitude has to do with that restlessness we get when it's past the holiday season but still in the wintered trenches. When it’s still that whole Narnia, always-winter-never-Christmas season. And I don't...Read more +
Feb 14, 2014

A Reflection for Valentine's Day:...

1 Peter 1:22
Hearts! Hearts everywhere! Hearts on sweaters and hearts on earrings. Hearts on cards and hearts on candy. Hearts on billboards and hearts on store windows. Hearts on Facebook and hearts on text messages. Hearts, hearts, hearts! Chances are you'll see literally hundreds of hearts today because, after all, it is...Read more +
Feb 13, 2014

Don't Focus on the Negative

Ephesians 4:22-24
In the classic stereotype of conservative Christianity, Christians are people who "Don't drink. Don't chew. Or go with girls who do." You might add to this list of don'ts: "Don't swear. Don't gamble. Don't dance. Don't have sex before marriage. Don't hang out too much with unbelievers. Don't ask too...Read more +
Feb 12, 2014

Where and How Does Inner Renewal Happen?

Ephesians 4:22-24
In the last two reflections on Ephesians 4:23 (Monday, Tuesday), we saw that renewal is God's ongoing work in us. We do not renew ourselves. God does it. This does not happen completely in the moment of our salvation. Rather, the renewal that begins when we first receive God's grace...Read more +
Feb 11, 2014

Do You Want to Be a New Person? Here'...

Ephesians 4:22-24
In yesterday's reflection , we focused on the form of the verb in Ephesians 4:23: "[You were taught] to be made new in the attitude of your minds." As you may recall, I explained that "to be made new" is a present infinitive in Greek, which suggests an ongoing process...Read more +
Feb 10, 2014

Do You Want to Be a New Person? Then Take...

Ephesians 4:22-24
Okay, I'll admit that the title of this reflection won't be compelling to most of my readers. A few grammar nerds may cheer, but most of you won't be running out to buy a grammar book. Just as well. I'm not talking about English grammar here, but Greek grammar. The...Read more +
Feb 9, 2014

Enjoy Today's Work

Psalm 37
It's really easy for me to wait for the next big thing. It's a habit of mine, actually. When I was in middle school, I couldn't wait to be in high school; when I was in high school, I was chomping at the bit for college. Then, of course, I'd...Read more +
Feb 8, 2014

Everyday Christians

1 Corinthians 10
When you grow up as the child of a pastor, there’s a certain expectation you will either become wild and wicked, landing yourself on the church prayer list every week, or you will follow in your parent’s footsteps and do something “extremely important” for God. I grew up and chose...Read more +