Sep 1, 2014

Because of the Resurrection

Mark 16:1-8
Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed! Without the resurrection, the cross of Jesus really wouldn’t matter much. Without the resurrection, we’d never have known about Jesus’ prayer on the Mount of Olives, where he submitted to the will of his Heavenly Father. Without the resurrection, Judas’ betrayal of Jesus...Read more +
Aug 31, 2014

Dislocations of Faith

1 Peter 1:8-9
The Apostle Peter’s first letter was written to believers in what is now Asia Minor, or Turkey. We don’t precisely know what they were experiencing, but the sense is that they were suffering persecution for their faith. Persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire ran the full gamut—from mild, to...Read more +
Aug 30, 2014

What I Would Say to You

Psalm 46:10
Don’t give up on your dreams . As hard as life gets, it will be the dreams that God has put in your life that will keep you going. God will send people into your life who will encourage you and challenge you. Be wise and learn to recognize them...Read more +
Aug 29, 2014

An Ironic Ending

Mark 16:1-8
The ending of the Gospel of Mark presents multiple mysteries. Most English Bibles print several options for the concluding verses of Mark 16, usually with notes that explain the curious manuscript evidence. The oldest manuscripts of Mark end with verse 8, the last words being: “because they were too frightened”...Read more +
Aug 28, 2014

Joseph of Arimathea

Mark 15:42-47
Mark 15:43 introduces a man named Joseph, who was from Arimathea, a small town northwest of Jerusalem. He is identified as “an honored member of the high council” (15:43). We know this council by another name, the Sanhedrin. This body, composed of the most prominent Jewish leaders, exercised considerable authority...Read more +
Aug 27, 2014

Faithful Together

Mark 15:1-41
In my last reflection, I focused on the women who were faithful to Jesus even as he was crucified. Their example stood in contrast to that of the male disciples who deserted Jesus. What enabled the women to remain faithful even at the risk of their own well-being? Why did...Read more +
Aug 26, 2014

Those Who Did Not Desert Jesus

Mark 15:1-41
Before Christ died, Peter did the “unthinkable.” He rejected Jesus. He denied any personal association with "this man." Peter was not alone, of course, because all of his disciples deserted him, just as Jesus had predicted (14:27, 50). Well, not quite all. Yes, the twelve who had followed him most...Read more +
Aug 25, 2014

God Forsaking God?

Mark 15:1-34
As Jesus was dying on the cross, he echoed the beginning of Psalm 22, which reads: My God, my God, why have you abandoned me? Why are you so far away when I groan for help? Every day I call to you, my God, but you do not answer. Every...Read more +
Aug 24, 2014

Trust God

Isaiah 41:10
A few weeks ago, I turned 50. As I was approaching 50, I began thinking a lot about all that has happened since I arrived at an American boarding school as a scared fifteen-year-old from Iran. What would I tell that scared and lonely fifteen year-old version of me? How...Read more +
Aug 23, 2014

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Acts 4:32-37
Growing up in Mexico, the courteous response to a compliment about a physical possession was always to offer to let the person borrow it. It sounds strange now, but “te lo presto cuando quieras” (you can borrow it whenever you want) was a common phrase I used, I heard it...Read more +