Feb 17, 2014

Community Post: An Apologetic on Beauty

I will never again take a font for granted. When I called Michelle to ask about designing a new header for my blog a year ago, I knew her creative skills were out of my league. Her name was given to me by a mutual friend, a church planter who...
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Mar 29, 2013

Video: Gardening Makes Beauty Out of Blight in Detroit

A professionally-producd video from Christianity Today's "This is Our City" project tells the story of a Detroit neighborhood, once full of decay, which came to glorious life--thanks to hard work, ingenuity, and love for the Creator. Image by Genevieve Thul . Used by permission.
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Jan 23, 2013

Community Post: On Waking and Breathing

I sat quietly, trying to catch my breath as I wiped away tears. As the credits of Les Miserables rolled, my husband moved to the aisle to wait on me. He understood that I'd need a minute. I've seen the musical five times (twice on Broadway, twice on tour, and...
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Nov 9, 2011

What Happens in the Face of Beauty

We’re covered in paint, and the lawn is too, fenced in brown, the geese calling autumn and trees dropping leaves. Everywhere, color. Color is music for the eyes. We’re finger-painting in the grass, my son and I. He’s one-and-a-half and he’s never done this before. Neither have I. Everything is...Read more +
Oct 28, 2011

Community Post: Embracing the True, the Good, and the Beautiful

Poetry, photography, film, painting...does the Church care enough about the arts? High Calling member Bob Robinson asks if we've given too much attention to the True and the Good.
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Aug 12, 2011

Look After You Leap

I walked past our girls’ room yesterday and saw a book lying open-faced in the chair. On the earmarked page it read, “By the time he was 57, President George Washington was completely toothless.” Huh. Didn’t know that. Twice I caught my grandfather without his false teeth – accidentally and...Read more +
Jun 3, 2011

Crammed with Heaven

In her post "Crammed with Heaven," new member Bristol Huffman writes about pausing to revel in beauty, and how a Psalm burst forth when she did. (Always carry a pencil and paper!)
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Mar 15, 2011

Beauty Boosts the Bottom Line

I came late to a theory of the necessity of beauty. I'm a task-driven person who used to put my stainless steel pots on the table as a signal that dinner was served. It was a man who showed me the difference china and linens could make, to bring refreshment...Read more +
Jan 18, 2010

When Beauty Transforms

Introduction to Glynn Young's book review of Makoto Fujimura's Refractions: A Journey of Faith, Art, and Culture.
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