Dec 17, 2013

Work: More than Just a Job

"Work should be honored for allowing us to focus our otherwise scattered energies on some achievable goals, for giving us a sense of mastery, for making us respectably tired and for allowing us to create something that is just a little bit more ordered, beautiful, logical, or helpful than we...
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Nov 22, 2013

The Role of Rest in Calling: A Benediction

There is so much I want to tell you about Q . I don’t have the words, yet, other than to tell you it was beautiful. Beyond my wildest imagination. Mine was the last talk of the day, and I thought I’d share it with you here. (There’s a little...
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Nov 1, 2013

You Are Now Entering the Mission Field

"You are now entering the mission field," Dr. Anne Bradley told undergraduate students at Regent University’s recent convocation. Greg Ayers, senior editor for the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics, echoed her speech on their blog : "The world is our mission field. You are now entering the mission field...
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Oct 11, 2013

I'm Living The Dream (But So are You)

Chris Horst, Director of Development for the Christian non-profit Hope International, was finishing up a meal with a new friend when the man stated, “I just wish I did work that mattered as much as your work does.” Horst says, "His comment didn’t catch me off-guard. Frankly, it didn’t surprise...
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Oct 9, 2013

Honor God by Caring for His Creation

There is a canyon in West Virginia , inaccessible by anything but a whitewater canoe. The 17-mile stretch defines "out-of-office." Not long after I met Dave Brotherton, environmental scientist and Young Professionals coach here at The High Calling, we traveled this stretch together. There were about a dozen of us...Read more +
Oct 4, 2013

Out of Office: Invigorating Work for the Cubicly Impaired

At 24, my workspace shrunk on me. I had only graduated two years before and was just settling into a career as a public school teacher when the walls closed in, like they do in Star Wars when the good guys (and Leia and Chewie, too) face the trash compactor...Read more +
Aug 7, 2013

Can Work and Creativity Co-Exist?

"What do you love best about community theater?" I asked the twelve-year-old girl. We were backstage at the Cailloux Theater, waiting in the wings for our entrance into The King and I. "It's great training," she said, "for when I want to do real acting someday for my job." I'm...Read more +
Jul 10, 2013

What Are You Going to do With Your Life?

It seems our culture always wants to know what we’re going to do next. Yet I think the deepest and most profound questions are the ones that rise from the silence of our own hearts: Where is God calling me? How can I find meaning in the mundane? Relevant Magazine.
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Jun 11, 2013

When Expectations About Your Calling Are Messing You Up

People of faith are often people of passion. It’s not uncommon for those who have been touched by grace of God to want to return the favor, to make a difference in this world. We want to know our place in the scheme of things and we are passionate about...
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May 13, 2013

Community Post: Just Look at Me (Encouragement for the Highly Distractible Writer--and Others)

When my sons were toddlers, they were so easily distracted (look: a squirrel!) that I often knelt down and gently placed my hands on their cheeks to help them listen. “Look at me,” I’d say, waiting until their eyes met mine. Then I asked them, “What did Mommy say?” Lately,...
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