Nov 15, 2012

A Time to Plant and a Time to Uproot

Editor's Note: According to Ecclesiastes 3, "There is a time for everything...." Not everything on that list, however, comes to us easily. Some items confound, others liberate, and none of them surrender to our wills entirely. The following article is part of a series that explores the complexity of these...Read more +
Nov 2, 2012

Pop Culture Snapshot: Geek Redemption at the Local Comic Book Store

When The Big Bang Theory appeared on TV, all my friends told me I should watch it. They said, "it has science jokes, comic books, nerd stuff. You'll dig it." I would insist, "I'm not really a nerd or a geek." No one believed me. After a few of these...Read more +
Nov 2, 2012

A Time to Be Born and a Time to Die

“Do you think you are getting old, and is that hard for you?” So asked the student as our hiking group sat along the trail for a break. It’s become apparent, I guess, that I am no longer in their age group. I never was, having joined a campus ministry...Read more +
Oct 26, 2012

Time Peace

Dear Kevin, Enclosed please find a pocket watch, a gift from me to you. Gift is perhaps the wrong word; maybe think of it as a trust. Your father entrusted this gift to me twenty-five years ago (give or take a year)—or, as you might appreciate: 525,600 minutes x 25...Read more +
Oct 19, 2012

Somebody's Knocking

Last Tuesday, I found myself trying to finish an outside project before dark, just as a growing number of people began to walk down our alley. Cars drove by searching for parking. Children laughed and parents called out for them to be alert. Dusk came and went. Every trip I...Read more +
Oct 12, 2012

The Smallest Actions Can Change the World

You know this story. A butterfly in Brazil flaps its wings, and a few weeks later Texas has tornadoes instead of clear skies. It’s called the butterfly effect, and science fiction writers love it. In Back to the Future , Marty McFly almost erases himself from existence after travelling back...Read more +
Oct 5, 2012

Glorious Moment: Baseball as Eucatastrophe

I couldn't wait for the release of One Last Strike: Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and a Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season . The author, Tony La Russa, is the retired manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, and the book chronicles the remarkable 2011 Cardinal baseball season...Read more +
Sep 28, 2012

Pop Culture Snapshot: Shoot your TV? Probably Not.

TV can often come across like the end of Western Civilization, but the small screen has also become an oasis of fantastic storytelling. As a writer/aspiring screenwriter, recent shows like Lost and the BBC’s Sherlock have provided me endless instruction in my high calling as a storyteller. Two new programs...Read more +
Sep 28, 2012

Audience of One

I walk slowly toward the stone church in Leipzig, Germany, where Bach was choirmaster. For a lifetime, I’ve adored Bach. I push the heavy wooden door open, eager for a sight of the place where he composed his music. In the dark air, heavy organ notes waver and vibrate. The...Read more +
Sep 26, 2012

Living Near E

I started pumping gas for my dad's rusty, side-step Ford long before middle school. I only left one fuel cap behind; considering how often we stopped, one is a commendable number. Driving and the question “How much gas do we have?” were synonymous in my childhood. Dad knew exactly how...Read more +