Feb 24, 2012

Gordon Gekko on My Mind

by Ty Beltramo
A scene from the 1987 movie Wall Street has haunted me. I have only watched it once, when I was 21 and new in my career. Blue-collar aircraft machinist Bud Fox (Martin Sheen) lies in the hospital, gravely ill. His son, dark-suited Wall Street broker Carl (Charlie Sheen) stands at...Read more +
Feb 17, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Beauty

Gwen has been legally blind for ten years. The term “legally blind” needs some explaining. Only about 12% of blind people lack any sight at all. While the legally blind cannot read even the big E at the top of the vision chart, some can count the number of fingers...Read more +
Feb 10, 2012

PhotoPlay: When God Makes the Outtakes into the Real Thing

"A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps" (Proverbs 16:9). Few things in life ever go exactly as planned. Everybody knows the inconvenience of reorganized schedules and the frustration of unfulfilled dreams. It is sometimes hard to believe that God is more than a master puppeteer,...Read more +
Feb 3, 2012

Saturday Night Live: Last Word on Finances

Some believe money is the root of all evil; others believe evil comes from the lack of money. I'm not convinced either is true. Money certainly touches us, and we find that we're connected to those touches more than we care to admit. We might even say that the use...Read more +
Feb 3, 2012

Till Money Do Us Part

“I can’t do this anymore!” he says through clenched teeth. His hands clutch the dark waves of hair now mixed with a hint of gray. I try swallowing the lump in my throat. In our nearly five and a half years of marriage, Peter has been the family CFO. It’s...Read more +
Jan 27, 2012

Art May Not Be Truth, But It Tells It

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and for the artists, this may never become cliché. We walk around in constant wonder, proving it true again and again. Art brings the eternal into the boundaries of time. Art describes the world to the world in a visceral, earthbound...Read more +
Jan 27, 2012

Don’t Buy This Jacket

Apparently, when I walk into certain retail stores and see ten feet of open space, I’m psychologically comforted. I move instinctively to the right, and look at small items like lower-priced key fobs that have the company’s logo and allow me to “buy the brand essence.” Then, I move toward...Read more +
Jan 20, 2012

Community Post: Promised Land Gone

The following article continues our Fridays on the topic of personal finance. In 1996, my grandfather died, taking with him 200 years of stability and nearly two million dollars in property. “Do you know what happened to the old Homestead, Sammy?” Norman asked, shaking his head in disbelief. I would...
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Jan 20, 2012

Year of Plenty: First We Rest

The following excerpt by Craig Goodwin adds a humorous Sabbath component to our Friday conversations about personal finance. ----- Normal people would plan months in advance for an experiment like this. Perhaps they would start in spring with the hopeful appearance of asparagus sprigs and onion shoots. That was the...Read more +
Jan 17, 2012

Vocational Surfing: Would Someone Puhleeze Ride that Wave?

My friend refuses to eat at TGI Friday’s for theological reasons. Work was given to us before the fall of humankind, not after. For that reason, work is a good thing, as opposed to being the cause for exclaiming some form of tgif. When Friday rolls around, are you glad...
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