Mar 28, 2013

Easter Resurrection: Life after Life after Death

“Heaven is important, but it’s not the end of the world!” I laughed out loud when I heard N.T. Wright say this in one of his audio lectures. It’s a perfect play on words. Not only is this a great figure of speech, but it is also the biblical teaching...Read more +
Mar 27, 2013

Easter Party

Lent arrives via ashes, but Easter bursts on the scene with raucous joy. Easter shatters the heavy sorrow and insists we hear the bold assertion: gloom, sin, injustice and despair have been trampled under the feet of a victorious, resurrected Jesus. Time to rise up and move out. This is...Read more +
Apr 12, 2012

Community Post (The Middle: A Place to Grow)

Though we try to mark beginnings and endings when it comes to growing food, planting and harvesting aren't really the work of gardening. They are just the ceremony. The rituals of tending and watering and loosening and binding, these are the work of the land that determine in the end...
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Apr 6, 2012

Everything Matters: Easter as a Cultural Act

Editor's Note: On Fridays we're hosting a series called Everything Matters, in response to the post, Creating a High Calling Culture . Today's installment honors Good Friday, the family, and the ongoing work of Christ's redemption. My foster son is sitting at the white table, the little one I bought...Read more +
Apr 5, 2012

When Jesus Was a Consultant

I worked as a management consultant for fifteen years before settling down with the company I am currently with. Like attorneys and used-car salesmen, consultants are subject to their fair share of derision. I honestly couldn't tell you why, since it is such a fine and upstanding profession. The truth...Read more +
Apr 2, 2012

Community Post: Monday's God is Fair of Face

John Blase is writing a series of imaginative pieces, one for each day of Holy Week, loosely based on the childhood poem about "Monday's child is full of grace…" Each one highlights a moment in Jesus' walk through the Passion from the perspective of the apostle John. Follow the stories,...
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Mar 29, 2012

Easter Sin and Quality Time

It was her idea from the get-go, but I was more than willing, it being Easter Sunday. Besides, lately it seems I haven't been getting enough sweet time with my granddaughter. "You take my picture," she says, "and we'll put it on a card to send to Great-Grandma Schaap." Maybe...Read more +
Apr 25, 2011

Give Us Each Day the Food We Need

Luke 11:1-4
Today we continue our devotional study of Luke’s version of “The Lord’s Prayer.” So far we have reflected upon: “Father, may your name be kept holy. May your Kingdom come soon.” Today, we move on to the next request of Jesus’ model prayer: “Give us each day the food we...Read more +
Apr 24, 2011

Death Defeated!

Psalm 30:1-12
On this Easter Sunday, we joyfully remember the defeat of death. Psalm 30 gives us words to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and its implications. The images of Psalm 30 take on new meaning in light of the resurrection of Jesus. David spoke of being brought up from the grave...Read more +
Apr 22, 2011

Year of Plenty

In 2008 a young suburban family of four set out to consume everything according to four rules: local, used, homegrown, and homemade. Year of Plenty tells the story of that year and offers a reflection on the intersections of their Christian faith, their life as pastors, and their experiences at...Read more +