Jan 23, 2014

Inside and Out: What Holds You Back in Your Work

Just when I started to build my freelance writing career back in the mid-1990s, I found out I was expecting our first child. Corporate clients didn’t seem keen on hiring a pregnant lady to write their brochures or newsletters—worried, perhaps, that I wouldn’t finish their project before the baby arrived...Read more +
Jan 22, 2014

How Your Need for Approval Can Hold You Back in Your Work

She wanted to sign up for volleyball this winter. Then again, she didn’t. I watched my daughter from across the kitchen table, while our waffles grew cold. The sign-up sheet and a ballpoint pen sat between us, next to the syrup bottle. “It would be fun— sooo much fun, Mom!”...Read more +
Jan 8, 2014

Community Post: Ready for Spring

EDITOR’S NOTE: This week at The High Calling, we’re focusing on transitions in the workplace, home, and community . Here on the Community page, several members of our diverse writing network offer their unique insights on the topic. See, I am doing a new thing!
 Now it springs up; do...
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Jan 7, 2014

Giving Your Family Leftovers

"Cat's in the Cradle" is a song about a busy father who keeps putting off being with his son until he finds the time. Years pass, and one day the son cannot find time for his father. My friend, Dave, told me about the moment his wife confronted him about...Read more +
Nov 27, 2013

On Loss: Thanksgiving Without a Loved One

I leaned against the doorframe and surveyed the dim kitchen. Spotless countertops. Pans tucked into cupboards. Unused wooden spoons, spatulas and ladles poised in the pitcher by the stove. A stack of stained potholders and oven mitts sat untouched in the drawer. Pizza boxes and paper plates were heaped in...Read more +
Dec 25, 2013

The Joyful Work of Remembering God's Gift

It’s December 25, 2009. My son is just over a month old in his blue booties, the ones I bought this summer in Italy when I went to Lake Como for a writer’s conference. And I feel like Hannah. Aiden is my miracle child, the one we’ve been praying for...Read more +
Nov 13, 2013

No Pasa Nada: The Call to Slow Down

Sevillians aren’t quite so concerned with punctuality as Americans. They have a phrase— no pasa nada —which literally means, “nothing happens.” It’s similar to the American phrase, “no big deal.” Late for a meeting? No pasa nada . Need to skip class today to take care of a personal issue?...Read more +
Nov 10, 2013

Medusa Has a Headache

The rest of the day unfolds more or less along these lines, with me feeling sorry for myself because I’m exhausted and disorganized and I have a cold and a pile of dishes and a pile of laundry and a pile of work that I never manage to finish. Life...
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Nov 7, 2013

A Long Love

In what feels now like another lifetime, I was a minister. I’m not a minister anymore but I am called upon from time to time to resurrect that role and speak the words appropriate to such moments as birth, death, marriage, and the occasional homecoming game. My summer’s end occurred...Read more +
Oct 30, 2013

Trading Homes: When Parents and Kids Need a Break from Each Other

One day my 13-year-old daughter was my best friend, and the next day, she wasn’t. I went from being her best friend to being, well, meh . Even though my mom and I went through this, it took me by surprise. I needed help—family help. So at spring break, I...Read more +