Oct 3, 2013

The Hard Work of the Harvest

This summer my friend Kelli showed me her stash of red plastic coffee cans stacked neatly in a cupboard in her garage. She removed the black lid and scooped out a heaping handful of seeds, then let them fall back into the container again. She encouraged me to try it...Read more +
Mar 16, 2013

Mission: The Work of the Artist and the Dreamer

Hostile countries rattle their nuclear chains; super-storms rage on the coasts, overseas, and in the Midwest. World economies collapse, and prophets cry, "The end is near!" So what are mission-minded Christians to do? Should we stock up on canned goods and water, pull in the ranks, and create bubbles of...
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Mar 13, 2013

Community Post: Creativity Unleashed

There is a link, I believe, to our Creator and our capacity to be creative. For some, it is a natural gift. For others, it exists, but needs to be nurtured and shaped and allowed to express itself. We need creative people in our communities to serve as ambassadors and...
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Apr 18, 2012

When It's Well With Your Soul

It's a Wednesday morning in Haiti, in a dim room with no light bulb. I am a spectator to the quiet work of five women. They thread shiny beads onto strings, with careful hands, so they can make an honest living. They have babies to feed. Someone coughs. A bauble...Read more +
Mar 16, 2012

We Build Jet Engines

To find people at work who are enthusiastic about what they do is inspiring. GE recently produced a series of videos, featuring their own employees, that connect the worker to the work to the vision of the company. In one video, at the GE Aviation Plant in Durham, NC, employees,...
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Mar 2, 2012

Everything Matters: Creating a High Calling Culture

I need your help with a bit of culture creation . . . but first, let me give you some background. It wasn’t until my 20s that I began to merge what I considered the spiritual world—prayer, singing, reading the Scriptures—with everything else: academics, music, work, pop culture. I generally...Read more +
Sep 18, 2011

How Slinkys Could Have Saved the World

When I was a kid, I loved Slinkys . I still do. So I was intrigued to read about the inventor, Richard James. It was the waning months of World War II and he was working on a power monitor meter for a naval battleship. One of the tension springs...Read more +
Aug 23, 2011

How To Pack For Africa

What do you pack when you're only allowed fifty pounds? How do you know you haven't missed something? How do you choose what to take? What will help you share the story of the One who walked beside you in the dark? In this beautiful post, network blogger Dawn González...
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May 18, 2011

Community Post: Sucked In by Statistics

How do you look past the inner-city statistics and see the people behind the numbers? For Leneita and her family, it means moving into the neighborhood.
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Oct 15, 2009

God Love the Dreamers

In his book God, Dreams, and Revelation, Morton Kelsey wonders what ever became of dreaming in the Christian tradition. The scriptures are filled with dreamers, from Joseph with the coat of many colors to Joseph the father of Jesus. In the scriptures, dreams and visions abound. But not so much...
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