Sep 20, 2013


It’s hurricane season, the time when you might get cheaper rates on a trip to Florida. But until last week, there was no reason for discounts. Even the first threat, Humberto, died without making landfall. That means no disasters (yet). For Dan Reed, a Large-Loss Property Damage Adjuster and a...Read more +
Sep 13, 2013

Making Cents of It All

Making stuff exists at the heart of human activity. I compose an email out of 26 letters and a few symbols. You construct shelves in your first house. The chemist mixes ingredients for non-toxic paint, and the baker in town whips together a batch of cupcakes for your roommate’s surprise...Read more +
Nov 5, 2010

You Can’t Cheat When There Are No Rules

No rules, just a goal and chaos. Two teams fought to get a five-foot diameter cage ball across the gym to touch the wall behind the opposing team. My students played this game when I taught high school P E. I enjoyed watching the crush of bodies straining to move...Read more +