Dec 19, 2013

Long Story Short

He placed in me a deep passion and calling to help the masses of Sunday Christians who are struggling to be the same person at work they are trying to be in their personal lives. I am a practitioner. I am not a theologian. I stand for the leaders in...
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Apr 8, 2013

What a Hundred Lifeguards Taught Me About Calling

Emily Freeman of Chatting at the Sky writes, "Could it be possible that your limits--those things you curse and hate and wish were different about yourself--are not holding you back but pointing you forward? It seems to me when I finally recognize my inability is when Christ shows up able...
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Feb 27, 2013

Don't Let Exhaustion Choke Your Love of Teaching

Vicki Davis, an author and teacher who blogs at Cool Cat Teacher , admits that she has gone to bed at 4:30 after a long, exhausting school day (sounds smart to me!). Davis not only knows how to take care of herself and keep the passion for her calling alive,...
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Jul 12, 2012

Follow Your Passion

“Titus is going to be a boxer, Trystan is going to hunt chickens and deer, and I’m going to sell Mario Bros . stuff,” my seven-year-old son Rowan announces at dinner one night. “Wow,” I laugh, “you and your friends sure have made some eclectic career choices.” I pause. “What...Read more +
Jul 3, 2012

Don't Let Your Passions Overwhelm Your Duties

If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he’d be an iPad guy. I’m sure of it. He’d have solar panels on Monticello, his sprawling home in Charlottesville, Va., and a fancy home-security system he could operate from his mobile phone. He was awful with money, so he probably would have loaded...Read more +
Apr 2, 2012

Community Post: Monday's God is Fair of Face

John Blase is writing a series of imaginative pieces, one for each day of Holy Week, loosely based on the childhood poem about "Monday's child is full of grace…" Each one highlights a moment in Jesus' walk through the Passion from the perspective of the apostle John. Follow the stories,...
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Mar 25, 2011

Style Matters

I will never forget one of the first times I was taken by a book as an older teenager, utterly absorbed, lost in another world. I was a new Jesus Freak in the early 70s and a wanna-be revolutionary. I realized there were changes afoot and I wanted to be...Read more +