Nov 28, 2013

The High Calling of Abundance

“You’re always so positive,” people often used to say to me. One of my doctors likes to tell me how shocked he was when shortly after he met me, paralyzed and lying in a hospital bed, I told him that the nearby university was handicapped accessible and that even though...Read more +
Nov 10, 2013

Medusa Has a Headache

The rest of the day unfolds more or less along these lines, with me feeling sorry for myself because I’m exhausted and disorganized and I have a cold and a pile of dishes and a pile of laundry and a pile of work that I never manage to finish. Life...
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Oct 26, 2013

Community Post: Rebels, Romans, Refugees and Real Life

For now, God has me as a gatekeeper, and yet I wish I were a general. However, I cannot add anything to my life by that wish. I can only pray and submit myself to God and be content with where He has me. Someday, my position may change, and...
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Dec 23, 2012

Walt Disney on Celebrity

Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse, Disneyland, and founded the Disney Empire. Once someone asked him, "How does it feel to be a celebrity?" "Feels fine," Disney said, but he didn't stop there. "Feels fine when it helps get a good seat for a football game. But celebrity status never helped...Read more +
Sep 20, 2012

Community Post: Why Worry?

My friend is in the middle of a difficult workplace situation. He's torn between pleasing his boss and certain career decisions that must be made. It rips his heart to have to be in the middle of a no-win situation. He's losing sleep, anxious over the turbulence and disruption. I...
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Mar 18, 2012

What You Can Do

At work, Matt grew more anxious by the day—his dread was fueled by the fear around him. Matt’s own work was on solid ground. But from every quarter he felt the panic. Deadlines slipping. Quality dropping. Morale in a nosedive. Focused on others losing their grip, Matt was losing his...Read more +
Jan 16, 2012

Letter from my 90-year-old Self

Dear John, Keep your fingers crossed for that totally white hair and beard combination. It takes a few more years but the evolution comes to pass and getting to play Santa every Christmas afterwards is pure unadulterated joy. Don’t fear the extra pounds around the middle, a part of the...
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Nov 18, 2011

PhotoPlay Gallery: Look Up!

For our November PhotoPlay, I challenged you to lie down to gain a different perspective . I appreciated that some of you, like Ann Kroeker (above, top), risked being laughed at by onlookers. Mark Charles (above, middle) showed how perspective can create some truly fascinating images—even with a camera phone...Read more +
Nov 11, 2011

PhotoPlay: From My Back

My brain was full and I needed some time to think. I had come to this place to rest - to retreat - but so far, more had been stirred than settled. Julia ’s words from the prior evening lingered in my mind: I lie down there under Orion’s belt...Read more +
Feb 16, 2011

The Chair

Shortly after returning from our honeymoon, my wife and I went furniture shopping. We launched ourselves onto countless mattresses, trying to choose one that we both deemed comfortable. We finally decided, and while the salesman checked his warehouse for availability, Southern Gal and I ambled through the store. That’s where...Read more +