Oct 14, 2011

PhotoPlay: Contre-Jour, a Reason to Take Pictures

I remember the darkness. The darkness and the photos. In the two years after the birth of my first child, I lived in the shadow of severe postpartum depression that erased all memory except the moments and light I captured on camera. I felt as if I couldn’t see during...Read more +
Sep 23, 2011

Rust: A High Calling Gallery

by Claire Burge
We're trying a new format for the gallery this month, which requires less technical work on the back end to publish. We hope you like it. For PhotoPlay and Random Acts of Poetry, we asked you to think about rust and how it alters an object. The act of of...Read more +
Sep 16, 2011

Photography and Poetry as Rust

by Claire Burge
I stop the car, let it idle, and look around me. Not sure where one parks at the edge of a rubbish heap, I edge the vehicle into what I think will be a safe corner. Wellingtons go onto the feet. Gloves protect the hands. I make my way into...Read more +
Aug 26, 2011

PhotoPlay Gallery: My past in image and word

by Claire Burge
This month, PhotoPlay and Random Acts of Poetry invited you to take a journey backward. Judging by the content submitted, you took the invitation seriously. Beautiful photos and sonnets came together to make a fantastic selection below. Michele Ortega starts us off with the feature photo above called " WinterEyes...Read more +
Aug 12, 2011

PhotoPlay: Who, What, Where, When, Why?

by Claire Burge
The expressions from the movie Oranges and Sunshine twirl through my thoughts as I feel a hunger to unwrap my own past. My plate of food is barely touched while Calvin and my mother wipe napkins over their lips. I ask question after question but sometimes there are no answers,...Read more +
Jul 29, 2011

PhotoPlay Gallery: In Good Company

by Claire Burge
PhotoPlay and Random Acts of Poetry collaborated again this month, bringing visual beauty and verbal delight together into one rewarding, creative response. Last week, we invited you to capture a conversation with your camera. Some of you went a step further and wrote a sestina – a poem form that...Read more +
Jul 22, 2011

PhotoPlay: Jabber, scream, whisper … Do as you please. Just talk.

by Claire Burge
I don’t particularly long for school days, but I do miss two things: poetry discussions in English class with Mrs. Maas and the quarterly school debate. Take a peek into the door: Her cropped hair dances atop her head as she balances on the side of the table, makes her...Read more +
Jun 17, 2011

PhotoPlay Gallery: Colour Swirl

by Claire Burge
This month, PhotoPlay was joined by Random Acts of Poetry for a special colour swirl edition. We start with this beautiful strand of blue, shot by Cindee Snider Re , and the accompanying featured poem, "Blue Riff," one of three Shadorma form riffs by Maureen Doallas : Blue Riff Baby,...Read more +
Jun 10, 2011

PhotoPlay: Royal Colour Watch

by Claire Burge
It was my grandfather’s 100th birthday. On that 15th day of September, 2007, every man in the neighbourhood, the dog and cat, family members and multiple teapots scrunched into the tiny living room space awaiting The Letter. The Letter that takes a lifetime to receive. The Letter only earned through...Read more +
Apr 29, 2011

PhotoPlay Gallery: Finding Light

by Claire Burge
Thanks for joining us this month. Our PhotoPlay challenge was a difficult one because it required a manual setting and it had an introspective element to it due to Lent and Easter. I hope that the lens helped you to see things in perspective. We'll be back in June so...Read more +