May 4, 2012

Everything Matters: Reading as a Cultural Act

Editor's Note: On Fridays we're hosting a series called Everything Matters, where guests share why the work of their particular vocational fields is a cultural act. Each installment serves as a response to the post, Creating a High Calling Culture . There is a cute graphic floating around the internet,...Read more +
May 3, 2012

Telling Our Stories

I have always loved stories. By the time I was four years old, my mom had taught me to read and write. I remember reading Dick, Jane, and Sally books when I was a little girl, stories about the adventures of the three siblings and their little dog Spot, and...Read more +
Jul 26, 2010

In Praise of Fiction

While skirting the headlines of the local paper last week, I was delighted at a little gem tucked away at the bottom the front page. The article chronicled a London theater group’s attempts to determine if being exposed to Shakespeare would increase milk production in a herd of dairy cows...
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Dec 28, 2009

In the Book Pile

Sharing our book piles in the New Year.
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Sep 10, 2008

Read every blog in the network in just a glance (or two)

Hey, everyone. Marcus here. You read that title correctly. Read everyone in the network in just a glance. Automatically updated by Netvibes. Super cool! We've had a lot of people mention that it is hard to find folks on the network. (And we agree.) We also think our HighCallingBlogs netvibes...
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