Apr 10, 2014

And God Said It Was Good

Not every man can call himself a Master Educator. I can. Of course, the designation may have expired by now, and the title seems a bit ostentatious for so tiny a field of expertise, but according to the outdoor ethics program, Leave No Trace (LNT), the title is mine. In...Read more +
Jun 12, 2013

How I Want to Live Every Day Until I Die

Living our life with responsibility is the loudest testimony to the power of God--and mountains are moved, friends, when we smile at those who are hurt, when we reach for the broken, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, love the unlovable, see the unseen.
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Feb 23, 2012

Taking Aim at Technology Instead of the Problem

What would you do if your teenager posted a note on Facebook essentially calling you a tyrant and saying she’s tired of being your slave? I would be horrified, but since my children were grown before the advent of social media, I really can’t say for sure. One North Carolina...Read more +
Oct 26, 2011

Killing Henry

We buried Henry last week. It’s probably safe to say that deep down my family didn’t want to; despite the fact he never spoke and was never seen, we enjoyed having him around. But there are some things in life you just need to let die. Henry first appeared over...Read more +
Nov 25, 2007

Find Your Center

Carl Pendleton, a three-year starter for the University of Oklahoma football team, gave up his final year of eligibility. He did it to pursue graduate school and to care for his ten-year-old adopted brother, for whom he assumed guardianship. Pendleton said, "With the new responsibility of raising my younger brother,...Read more +