Show Me the Way

The BusinessWeek article The Misery of Mentoring Millenials suggests that “For a new generation of workers, the idea of seeking out a single career confidant is…old-fashioned…. According to Jeanne Meister, co-author of The 2020 Workplace, younger workers seem less respectful of more experienced colleagues and don’t feel compelled to follow in the same path as their superiors.”

Perhaps this represents more of a shift from single mentorship to communal mentorship than it is a shirking of wisdom altogether. In this series at The High Calling, we address this topic as well as the broader meaning of the phrase Show Me the Way. Read the Bible reflections and featured articles below, and join the discussion. Invite your colleagues to do the same. Our hope is that even the most professionally independent among us will remember the power of sage advice as we serve the Lord in our jobs.

-Sam Van Eman, Content Editor

Mar 1, 2014

Reverse Mentoring

Proverbs 27
Iron sharpens iron. An iron knife gains a better edge and functions more efficiently when it is sharpened against another iron. This is why butchers sharpen iron knives with iron. Christian mentoring relationships function in a similar way. Just as an iron knife becomes more effective when it is properly...Read more +
Feb 27, 2014

An Unlikely Mentor

I don't live the kind of life that includes friends whose obituaries are featured in The New York Times . And yet, there I was one December morning riding the DC Metro, scrolling through my daily headline news email, when I was stopped short by a friend's obituary . Ours...Read more +
Feb 27, 2014

Sushi-Making and Other Apprenticeship Models

In her Open Letter to Mentors of Millennials Stephanie S. Smith confirms what the research shows: Young professionals, like herself, “prefer a mosaic of influencers.” It’s hard to tell when the shift occurred from single mentorship to communal mentorship among 20-somethings. Over the past 15 years? In the after-effects of...Read more +
Feb 26, 2014

Open Letter to Mentors of Millennials

By now, no doubt you’ve heard all about me. You’ve heard I’m a narcissist—selfish, entitled, idealistic but often lazy. You’ve heard my patience is just about as short as my attention span. And you’ve heard—for better or for worse—that by 2025, three out of four workers worldwide will be just...Read more +
Feb 25, 2014

Follow Me

For the past five years, I’ve served as Executive Director of PULSE . The Pittsburgh Urban Leadership and Service Experience invites talented university graduates to partner with Pittsburgh nonprofits for a year of service and leadership. It is an incredible vocation that connects me with some of the best and...Read more +
Feb 24, 2014

Mentoring Through Friendship

“Friendships mark our lives, but rarely do we get to peek in on the lives of great men through the prism of friendship.” —Ed Stetzer Bob Buford is the cable-network wunderkind who, sometime in the roaring 1970s, boldly sought out Peter Drucker as a personal consultant. Decades later they were...Read more +
Feb 23, 2014

From Single Mentorship to Communal Mentorship

Deuteronomy 6
Deuteronomy 6:4-9 is known as the “Shema.” This is the most significant passage of the Old Testament for the Jewish faith. The Shema proclaims that the Lord is One and that the Israelites are called to love him with all their heart, soul, and might. The Shema was to be...Read more +