Dec 14, 2012

There and Back Again: Travel as a Calling

People who get in my car notice the Bilbo Baggins action figure sitting in the console. With the inevitable grin, they ask me, "So what's that about?" I answer them, "Bilbo is the patron saint of my car, because it's been there and back again." I've put 200,000 miles on...Read more +
May 25, 2012

Everything Matters: Travel as a Cultural Act

Editor's Note: On Fridays we're hosting a series called Everything Matters, where guests share why their particular vocation or experience is a cultural act. Each installment serves as a response to the post, Creating a High Calling Culture . I´m writing this from a bar in a hostel in Cusco,...Read more +
Aug 23, 2011

How To Pack For Africa

What do you pack when you're only allowed fifty pounds? How do you know you haven't missed something? How do you choose what to take? What will help you share the story of the One who walked beside you in the dark? In this beautiful post, network blogger Dawn González...
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Mar 18, 2009

How do YOU balance work and family?

Over the next four weeks, we're asking that question along with Laity Lodge Family Camp and Even better, we're offering a pretty big incentive to get people thinking. Post your advice on your blog, link to Laity Lodge Family Camp, and you'll be entered in a drawing for a...
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