Visual and Creative Arts as Ministry

We've been exploring the topic of Visual and Creative Arts as Ministry. At The High Calling, we believe that art creates a space where people may encounter God, opening a door for transformation. Have you felt it? It’s the way the light ripples across water; it’s the way a good story names something within you; it’s the music you dream in the middle of the night that haunts you in the day. God uses beauty to touch us in the deepest places. As image-bearers of the one true God, we are also co-creators with him, made to impact our culture and each other through the art we bring to life. Does this resonate with you? If so, consider sharing these stories via email, Facebook, Twitter, or through your other social media and friendship networks.

-Laura Boggess, Content Editor


Photo by S. Etole. Design by Jennifer Dukes Lee. 

Mar 16, 2014

Mud, Spit, and a Pile of River Rocks

John 9:6,7
When Jesus disturbed and penetrated the sand to heal the man born blind, he disturbed and penetrated the hearts of many who watched in wonder at his curious display. No doubt some who witnessed this event scratched their heads in confusion at the carpenter from Nazareth’s odd choice. “I don’t...Read more +
Mar 16, 2014

Visual and Creative Arts as Ministry: A Doorway to Transformation

“The purpose of art and religion are the same,” Kenyon Adams said. I held my breath and leaned onto the edge of my seat. “Transformation.” I was sitting in a workshop at a conference in the middle of February, one of the oldest faces amidst a sea of college students...Read more +
Mar 16, 2014

Visual and Creative Arts as Ministry: How Art Saves Us

Some nights, I can’t sleep. I toss and turn and pray and read and count my sheep. And then, I begin to cry. And when I do, my husband stretches out his hand in the darkness, and I find it and hold it in the loneliness of the dark. For...Read more +
Mar 16, 2014

Visual and Creative Arts as Ministry: Ribbons 'n' Roses

The sun would just be coming through the early morning clouds as I drove through the quiet, on my way to the Flower Mart in downtown Los Angeles. It was part of the ritual, the dance, of doing this work that I loved. I only did it part time and...Read more +
Mar 16, 2014

Visual and Creative Arts as Ministry: The High Calling Talks with Forest Whitaker

Few actors inhabit a character like Forest Whitaker. For his most recent film, Black Nativity , Whitaker drew upon a wealth of personal experience in playing the part of a flawed preacher coming to grips with his failures as a parent. At a Los Angeles press junket for the film...Read more +