Definition of Christian Leadership

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"How Important Is Mentoring?" - Jenny White

"How important is mentoring?" - Jenny White
Behind every successful person is a teacher, a coach, a mentor—someone who inspired, challenged, and instructed. Everyone needs guidance at some point, and it's the people who learn to ask for it sooner that tend to succeed.Read more +

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

When was your last transformative moment? Jason Young —author, consultant and Guest Services Director at North Point Ministries —describes one such "kairos" moment. After a lengthy job interview process, a man who had led him through several assessments pronouced that Jason did not have "great self-awareness." He writes, "For so...

Book Review: Spiritual Influence by Mel Lawrenz

I’m just not a very strong leader, I recently told a mentor when discussing a new project I was embarking upon with a group of trusted friends. It feels more like we are walking together—leading each other. Do you know what I mean? She nodded and cocked her head to...Read more +

"What is the Biggest Challenge Facing Leaders?" - Leigh McLeroy

"What is the biggest challenge facing leaders?" - Leigh McLeroy
"I would say one of the biggest challenges leaders face today is that they just find it very difficult to step off the track and really deeply reflect."Read more +

The Harsh Reality of Being a Christian Business Leader

I usually don’t pay much attention to those dime-a-dozen reality shows sweeping the prime time cable line up. Whether it’s that creepy pawn shop guy, or the crazy ice truckers, or those squeaky-voiced Kardashian triplets , I find them trite and boring. But my huffy attitude changed forever one recent...Read more +
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