Sep 13, 2012

Vintage High Calling: The Subject of Religion in Business

About This Video

Looking back, the High Calling pulled a vintage video of Dr. Michael Novak, Professor of Religious Studies, being interviewed on religion in business, and the future of evangelical Christians in the American culture and marketplace.

This is the first in a weekly mini-series we'll be doing from archived videos on faith, work, and culture. There is something valuable in looking back, I think, and in seeing how perceptions of Christianity and its status within the broader context of American culture have changed, and how conversations about faith and work have developed. Are we on the same page as we were then? Or, has Dr. Novak's prediction that Christianity will have a profound impact on businesses across the country come true?


Want to hear more? You can find this video with transcript and dozens more over at the High Calling YouTube Channel.

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