Aug 30, 2012

You Knew It Was a Snake

About This Video

Howard Butt, Jr. shares another message about faith and work, pointing out that unethical business practices are a sure path to problems. Acting with moral integrity is more than just good business. It's what we're called to do!

Who do we blame in this story? The snake, for being a snake, or the hiker, who should have known better? Unfortunately, it can be a bit harder to recognize the snakes in our own lives. No one ever markets themselves as an unethical reptile, after all. 

This is where we have to exercise discernment, and to be very, very careful in how we do business and in whom we partner with. We are supposed to be "as wise as serpents," without becoming them ourselves. That can mean making some pretty unpopular decisions, but all we can do is make them thoughtfully and prayerfully, and trust that for us, the ethical choice is the only choice. 

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