Aug 6, 2012

"How Should Christians Think About Their Work?" - Bonnie Wurzbacher

About This Video

Recently, The High Calling had a chance to speak with Bonnie Wurzbacher, Sr. Vice President at The Coca-Cola Company, about how Christians in the workplace understand the relationship between their faith and their professional life. Her thoughts? It's about both process and purpose.

Most of our thinking as Christians in the workplace has typically focused on bringing aspects of our faith into the way we work; in other words, we should be ethical, kind, act with integrity, and, if possible, share our faith with others. This is all, of course, right and true. But is there more to it? 

What about the purpose of our work? Does your company contribute meaningfully to the community, in a way that honors God? Does your work within the company contribute to this goal? These are the kinds of questions we have to ask ourselves if we are serious about truly bringing our faith to every aspect of our work. 


Want to hear more? You can find the rest of our conversation with Bonnie over at the High Calling YouTube Channel

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