Apr 26, 2012

"Is your work a vocation?" - Noah Riner

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Recently, The High Calling spoke with Noah Riner, MBA Student at Stanford University, about wanting to know God's perspective on vocation, and questioning whether Godly work can't occur in the business world.

Transcript: A good friend of mine, who had worked in finance before he came to business school and had been successful there . . . We were talking about what is God's will for our lives, and my friend just stopped us and said, "You know guys, if we were really serious about this, then we wouldn't be here. We'd all be out running orphanages or starting schools." That's the question that I've struggled with and seen my friends struggle with and say, "What does God care about? What does God think about work?" 

You have young people in a corner where they feel that they've been given some ability to go down a certain path. In my friend's case that was business, and he feels deep down that's what he's supposed to be doing, but actually he can't really justify that, because it's not an activity that has been stamped with being "theologically okay." 

I can only wonder how effective we can be at our jobs if we really think that God doesn't care that much about them.


Want to hear more from Noah? You can find the rest of our conversation over at The High Calling Youtube Channel.

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