Mar 21, 2014

"What Is Christian Art?" - Leigh McLeroy

About This Video

Recently, The High Calling spoke with author and consultant, Leigh McLeroy, about how our creative gifts and talents flow out of who we are as Christians, but perhaps should not be labeled as "Christian", which could be considered as being co-opted or a subculture's substandard work.

As we spend this week discussing the High Calling of the Arts, Leigh McLeroy raises a valuable point about how our art may best minister, not only to other Christians, but to the rest of the world.  

Leigh points out a problem that many of us have faced: How can we, as Christians, produce art that speaks to more than our own subculture or marketing bracket? Two things happen when we allow ourselves to be "typecast" in this way. First, we automatically exclude a significant amount of people from exposure to our work, and second, we run the risk of setting up our own standards—making "Christian" art synonymous with "good" art.

There is nothing wrong with work intended to speak to a Christian audience (like, for instance, this post), but we have to allow our artists the freedom to create in ways that are true to their gifts. Only by doing so can we speak to a culture that is not our own.

Want to hear more? You can find this video (with transcript) and the rest of our conversation with Leigh over at the High Calling YouTube Channel.

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