Feb 14, 2013

"How Do Your Ethics Affect Your Professional Life?" - Boyd Clarke

About This Video

Recently, the High Calling spoke with Boyd Clarke, Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Industry Consultant, about how his ethical beliefs inform his professional conduct.

To get by in this world, we're often taught morality in a negative sense; in other words, "Don't do this unless you can get away with it." We look at whether an action is permissible, rather than looking at it in a positive sense and asking whether it is worthwhile. 

As Christians, we're called to do more than avoid illegal behavior (though that may be a part of it!). We're called to glorify God in the work that we do, to actively seek the renewal and cultivation of His creation. This can mean making some tough choices, but it also means becoming who you were created to be.

Want to hear more? You can find this and dozens more videos over at the High Calling YouTube Channel.   

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