Jan 31, 2013

"How Should We Think About Our Neighbors?" - Andy Crouch

About This Video

Recently, the High Calling spoke with Andy Crouch, Executive Editor of Christianity Today, about finding the image of God in our neighbors, and about what it means to be both an "image bearer" and an "image breaker."

In his characteristically thoughtful way, Andy draws a fine distinction between how we as Christians see the world and two prevailing extremes of thought that, if we're not careful, will tend to pull us in their direction. We are, as he puts it, both potential image bearers and image breakers; we can be transformed into an image of God, or into a broken image of sin. 

Does seeing our neighbors, whatever their faith, as a potential image of God change the way we act towards them? I think it has to, but I'm still working on what that might look like in my daily life. What would it look like in yours?

Want to hear more? You can find this and dozens of other videos over at the High Calling YouTube Channel. 


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