Jan 31, 2013

"What Kind of Calling do all Christians Share?" - Andy Crouch

About This Video

Recently, http://thehighcalling.org/video talked with Andy Crouch, Executive Editor of Christianity Today, about our common calling to bear both the specific image of God as expressed through Christ, and the image of human beings flourishing according to the way we are created.

I love how Andy has a way of both drawing distinctions and broadening our ways of thinking. We spend a lot of time on this site looking at the ways in which faith and work, two often separate worlds can interact, but Andy reminds us that both are part of the same world that God has created.

Being a Christian and being a whole, flourishing human being engaged with the world in a thoughtful, loving, and reverent way are two sides of the same coin. As Andy reminds us, we are called to both.  

Want to hear more? You can find this interview and dozens more videos over at the High Calling YouTube Channel

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