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Jesus Creates Harmony from Tension
Apr 16, 2014

Jesus Creates Harmony from Tension

In one of their concert grand pianos, 243 taut strings exert a pull of 40,000 pounds. Theodore Steinway offers proof...
"As Christians, Does it Matter Where We Live?" - Andy Crouch
Apr 11, 2014

"As Christians, Does it Matter Where...

God's plans work, not only on the grand, sweeping scale of stars and galaxies, but also on the small, quirky...
Apr 9, 2014


A disabled father, a hardworking mother, and a small mercantile store—with one forgotten bible left by the previous owners. It...
When in Doubt, Sweep
Apr 4, 2014

When in Doubt, Sweep

A grocery manager gave a young man his first job. Eager to please, the new employee would rush through every...
Another Good Job Done by Me
Apr 2, 2014

A Job Well Done

A friend of mine had a flat tire and stopped at a country gas station. The attendant patched the tire...
Honor Our Competition
Mar 26, 2014

Honor Our Competition

Two stock car drivers—Chris Ater and Dillon Smith—were archrivals. Their competition for the season-point-total lead climaxed in a car-bumping incident...
"What is Christian art?" - Leigh McLeroy
Mar 21, 2014

"What Is Christian Art?" - Leigh...

How can we, as Christians, produce art that speaks to more than our own subculture or marketing bracket?
"How do you balance work and family?" - Doug Barr
Mar 14, 2014

"How Do You Balance Work and Family?...

If we want to find time with our families, we have to make it happen.
Elevator Operator
Mar 6, 2014

Elevator Operator

Bruce Renfroe, an elevator operator in New York City, quickly came to recognize the same somber faces riding his elevator...
Allie Gray, Chocolatier
Mar 1, 2014

Allie Gray, Chocolatier, FINALIST in the...

“What if I made chocolate the way it is supposed to be made? Rich. Healthy. Satisfying. And, better yet—uplifting."...
"How important is mentoring?" - Jenny White
Feb 27, 2014

"How Important Is Mentoring?" -...

Behind every successful person is a teacher, a coach, a mentor—someone who inspired, challenged, and instructed. Everyone needs guidance at...
Keith McCarthy, Machinist
Feb 23, 2014

Keith McCarthy, Machinist, FINALIST in the...

"As I worked and learned Spanish from my coworkers I discovered two passions God had given me: working with my...
Dylan Weston, Ranch Hand and Wrangler
Feb 15, 2014

Dylan Weston, Ranch Hand and Wrangler,...

"The more I study, the more I realize that ministry and discipleship doesn’t lead us ALL into being a youth...
"How does your work serve others?" - Leigh McLeroy
Feb 13, 2014

"How Does Your Work Serve Others?...

How can we think differently about the ways that our work impacts our communities? The answer might be found in...
Barry Saunders: Hunting Creativity
Feb 10, 2014

Barry Saunders: Hunting Creativity

Creativity means bringing all of ourselves to our work, to our relationships, and to our faith.
"How can the church affirm work?" - Tod Bolsinger
Feb 6, 2014

How Can the Church Affirm Work? - Tod...

The biggest mistake of the Church for the last generation is the spiritual vs. secular divide.
A Lens on the World
Jan 23, 2014

A Lens on the World

How do you take a picture of a million people? Howard Butt Jr. suggests a different way of bringing things...
Jan 14, 2014


Does the temptation to do too many things at once prevent us from being present in our own lives? Howard...
Ben Franklin Asks a Favor
Jan 9, 2014

Ben Franklin Asks a Favor

Sometimes all it takes to make an enemy into a friend is being willing to make the first move.
The Castle and the Wall
Dec 16, 2013

The Castle and the Wall

A wise leader provides both a clear vision and the means to get the job done.
Dec 4, 2013

Shackleton's Mission

In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail for the Antarctic. Was the mission a failure? Watch his story and decide...
Covington Aircraft | Powered by God
Nov 22, 2013

Covington Aircraft: Powered by God

Does aircraft maintenance have anything to do with God's work? Paul and Betty Abbott and their sons, Luke and Aaron,...
A Day With Greg Buell
Nov 14, 2013

Born Without Arms, "Just Be Normal...

Greg Buell doesn't have all the answers, but for now he's learning to live with mystery.
Making Beautiful Places for the Glory of God
Nov 7, 2013

Making Beautiful Places

Bob Walker was 13 years old when he heard R. G. LeTourneau speak about being God's businessman. It was then...
This, Too, Shall Pass
Nov 1, 2013

This Too Shall Pass

Abraham Lincoln told the story of an Eastern monarch who commanded his wise men to create a sentence. This sentence...
Successful Dead Ends
Oct 25, 2013

Dead Ends onto Right Paths

If you pay attention to business failures, you may start to perceive what some call "dead ends onto right paths."...
Charles Schulz
Oct 11, 2013

Charles Schulz: Coworkers Matter More than...

Celebrities don't make the biggest impact on our lives—the people close to us do.
"Who has impacted you as a leader?" - Matt Barnes
Sep 26, 2013

"Who Has Impacted You as a Leader?...

Matt Barnes, Executive Director of Families Empowered, looks for leaders who excel both professionally and personally.
Labor in the Dark
Aug 7, 2013

Labor in the Dark

Before Arturo Toscanini was one of the world's great musical directors, he was a cellist so nearsighted that he memorized...
When the Truth Hurts
Jul 25, 2013

When the Truth Hurts

From his work in sales, Paul could look ahead and see serious problems in the company’s path.
"How do You Make Hard Decisions?" - J. B. Wood
Jul 18, 2013

"How do You Make Hard Decisions?"...

When you're making changes, big or small, it's important to communicate, and to help people understand the "why" behind what's...
"What Motivates You in Your Work as a Pilot?" - Norm Goodyear
Jul 11, 2013

"What Motivates You in Your Work as a...

Doing your best work, no matter what field you are in, is pleasing to God.
"How do You Handle Mistakes?" - Norm Goodyear
Jul 5, 2013

"How do You Handle Mistakes?" -...

Even when he makes a mistake, a pilot can't afford to spend his time looking back—he has to keep his...
"Can Day-to-Day Work be Holy?" - Norm Goodyear
Jul 3, 2013

"Can Day-to-Day Work Be Holy?" -...

We may not always understand what God has planned for the work we do...but working faithfully and well has its...
"Why Should I Observe the Sabbath?" - Andy Crouch
Jun 28, 2013

"Why Should I Observe the Sabbath?...

Of the Ten Commandments, the longest commandment is the one that begins, "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy."...
"Does God Care About the Work We Do?" - Boyd Clarke
Jun 25, 2013

"Does God Care About the Work We Do?...

It's important to understand that in the creation narrative, before sin ever entered into the world, Adam was to tend...
"What Do You Consider When You Let Someone Go?" - Boyd Clarke
Jun 20, 2013

"What Do You Consider When You Let...

Being direct and transparent is often the best managerial technique. It's also, in my mind, consistent with the remit that...
"What role does art play in the Christian life?" - Leigh McLeroy
Jun 18, 2013

"What role does art play in the...

I think art matters a great deal . . . it's another way for us to tell our story. It's...
"Does My Career Matter to God?" - Andy Crouch
Jun 12, 2013

"Does My Career Matter to God?" ...

For Christians, everything matters, because we believe that God is at work in our world...and in our lives. So I...
Faithful in a Little
Jun 5, 2013

Faithful in a Little

As it turns out, almost every leader begins as a follower. The person eventually in charge of big things starts...