Jul 19, 2012

Church Does Not Come First

About This Video

Howard Butt, Jr. of Laity Lodge shares an important reminder that our ministry doesn't only happen through church—God works through us wherever we are.

Take a second, and just think about what it would be like if all of us were preachers. What about if all of us left our hometowns and entered the mission field? It's pretty clear that if we all devoted ourselves solely to church work, then the church wouldn't work.

Paul reminds us that the church is a body, composed of separate, equally vital parts. Imagine if your feet decided that they'd rather be hands (and that's just one of the more feasible examples I could mention). God has created us as individuals, and by doing so He's given His Church literally millions of ways to experience His love, and to reflect His glory. 

It's important not to let anything we do become an idol; whether it's work in an office or in the pulpit. If we can avoid compartmentalizing our "Christian lives" from our day-to-day experiences, that will go a long way towards doing this. 


Want to hear more? You can find this video, with transcript, and dozens more over at the High Calling Youtube Channel.






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