Jun 17, 2012

"What Role Might Business Play in the Purposes of God?" - Bonnie Wurzbacher

About This Video

Recently, The High Calling had a chance to speak with Bonnie Wurzbacher, Sr. Vice President at The Coca-Cola Company, about how God works in and through the business world to bring renewal to His Creation.

TRANSCRIPT: If God's work is to set about restoring and bringing everyone and everything back to his purposes, then that's our job as Christians, our job as God's children—to be his agents of change and renewal, and transformation, and restoration of the sinful world to Him. 

Business may be charged with creating economic value, but economic value comes from the earth and from people's minds. Those two things, right? God's creation. The Church's purpose is spiritual renewal; philanthropy's purpose is social renewal; the government's purpose would be civic well-being and renewal; business' purpose is economic well-being and renewal. I think it's all about, for a Christian, working with God to restore creation to what it is meant to be.


Want to hear more? You can find our conversation with Bonnie over at the HIgh Calling Youtube Channel.

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