Jul 15, 2014

"Why Is It Hard to Connect Spiritual Value to Our Work?" - Scott Wesley

About This Video

Recently, The High Calling spoke with Scott Wesley, Program Instructor with The WorkFaith Connection, about how our work is actually an act of worship and a way to serve God, even if it can be hard for us to see it that way.

Transcript: I think that the challenge with the average person connecting spiritual value to their work is that we live in a society that is really focused on money. So, most people do what they do, because of how much it pays. They're not really so service oriented as they are, "What are they going to gain out of the deal." Most people, their eyes are so focused on money that they don't consider what they do as an act of worship. But, it can actually be both things. It can be an act of worship and it can bring in the money as well. 

But, I think that whatever we do, we should do it as we're serving God, and I think that when we realize that, we'll be better at what we do. We'll enjoy what we do better and we'll prosper as well.


Want to hear more? You can find our conversation with Scott over at the High Calling Youtube Channel.


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