Rediscovering Community: What's Your Impact?

In the “popular” or “mainstream” side of business you find a number of articles that tout young startup owners, particularly the 30 under 30 . But the data tells a different story and shows the age demographics of startup founders to be roughly split in the 23-27% range of...

Rediscovering Community: With a Little Help from Our Friends

“I’ll bring some lemon chicken tomorrow evening,” a friend from church texted. “You are so good to us! Thank you! We will gratefully and gladly receive it,” I texted back. During an intense two months when my husband and I dealt with a chaotic situation, our family’s meals had become...Read more +

Rediscovering Community: Missional Communities That Change Lives

Stan and Holly are a delightful couple who, hungry for authentic community, started going to one of our church’s missional communities. We have over fifty of these groups meeting all around town. This group of around twenty-five to thirty people was focused on bringing together couples from their area to...Read more +

Rediscovering Community: Redefining Real Friends

I huddle with my husband and two teenagers in a cloud of breath, mesmerized by orange flames licking glass inside two lamps flanking the front door, waiting for signs of life after pushing the doorbell. We’ve arrived for a respite on our first day of a holiday road trip after...Read more +

Rediscovering Community: Move into the Neighborhood

A coyote was roaming our street. Most of the neighborhood was aware of the coyote’s whereabouts from postings on a private Facebook page, but one couple isn’t on social media. The timing wasn’t convenient or ideal, but warning my neighbors to be cautious and then listening to their struggles trumped...Read more +

Rediscovering Community: How One Facebook Group Led Me Back to the Internet

Alissa Wilkinson
Years ago, during Lent, I wrote a short post about how many of my friends were choosing to fast from Facebook—an admirable move, I argued, but probably even more beneficial if it helped us re-think how we used Facebook. I argued that Facebook, like any technology, can act as an...Read more +


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