Apr 9, 2014

Carving Down, Carving Deep: A Tale of Stewardship

Growing up on top of a mountain guaranteed woods to explore, but to find water I had to go down. After a spring rain, I’d follow the runoff until it met the stream where I’d discover waterfalls and pools. Farther down still, I’d notice how the volume picked up, creating...Read more +
Apr 8, 2014

Leave It Better Than You Found It

“We shall be known by the tracks we leave behind.” -Lakota Proverb I love edible and medicinal wild plants. Every August as summer slowly winds into fall I look forward to the arrival of pawpaw season. Their scent, like a combination of apple cider and over-ripe bananas, guides me to...Read more +
Apr 4, 2014

When in Doubt, Sweep

When in Doubt, Sweep
A grocery manager gave a young man his first job. Eager to please, the new employee would rush through every task. Then he would say: "What can I do now?"Read more +
Apr 4, 2014

Community Post: Not Okay with "Okay"

A few years ago a literary agent turned me down after he read my query letter and a couple chapters of my manuscript. After I received the rejection, I responded to his email with a question. “So is it the lack of platform,” I asked him, “or the quality of...
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Apr 3, 2014

Moving Beyond Mediocrity: It's Hard for a Reason

I’m horrible at remembering birthdays and anniversaries and other special occasions. Sure, I love it when I receive a gift or card in the mail on, or especially before, a big day of my own. But I’m usually the one sending the apologetic text at 11 p.m. the night of...Read more +
Apr 4, 2014

Community Post Summary: Moving Beyond Mediocrity

Parenting is tough. (Is that the understatement of the decade, or what?) Just this morning, my husband Carey and I took a walk and discussed how to find a balance between nudging our kids toward excellence without pushing them over the edge of perfectionism. We want them to grasp the...
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Apr 2, 2014

A Job Well Done

Another Good Job Done by Me
A friend of mine had a flat tire and stopped at a country gas station. The attendant patched the tire and put it back on the car. And as the fellow tightened the last lug nut, my friend heard him say, "Another good job done by me."Read more +
Apr 1, 2014

Moving Beyond Mediocrity: Asking Yourself the Tough Questions

Gasping for air, I told my wife, “We need to go to the emergency room.” On our way to the hospital my breathing became heavy and labored. My chest didn’t feel tight, but it also didn’t feel right. My family has a history of heart disease. I wasn’t physically active...Read more +
Mar 31, 2014

Community Post: My Son Wears the Mask of God in His Work

“What else is all our work to God–whether in the fields, in the garden, in the city, in the house, in war, or in government–but just such a . . . [way] by which He wants to give His gifts in the fields, at home, and everywhere else? These are...
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Mar 30, 2014

Caterpillars and Coworkers

Tell me: Are your coworkers caterpillars or butterflies? Creepy, slinking, sticky-fingered bugs . . . the kind you sweep off the porch? Or the colorful, graceful, winged creatures you watch with joy? The answer is: both. We're all both. A caterpillar is a butterfly-in-waiting. Those colleagues whose work habits annoy...Read more +