Apr 5, 2012

When Jesus Was a Consultant

I worked as a management consultant for fifteen years before settling down with the company I am currently with. Like attorneys and used-car salesmen, consultants are subject to their fair share of derision. I honestly couldn't tell you why, since it is such a fine and upstanding profession. The truth...Read more +
Mar 29, 2012

The Business of Ministry in Haiti

He leaned back slowly in his chair into a more relaxed position as I asked him questions about his ministry and his business. Both are things that he loves to talk about because he sees them as gifts from God. They are separate, yet the same. Pastor Jean-Alix Paul lives...Read more +
Mar 29, 2012

Connecting to Customers

There was a time when I did most of my work as a claims adjuster by telephone. I knew some customers by voice, but most by a flat manila jacket with a seven-digit code scratched across the top edge. With a hands-free headset comfortably in place, I could talk to...Read more +
Mar 26, 2012

Community Post: When You Feel Like Your Work Doesn’t Matter to God

Not everyone is in a fulfilling, kingdom-advancing, affirming job. In fact, few people are. Most of us are subject to employment that is often frustrating and seemingly inconsequential. High Calling Special Projects Editor, Laura Boggess, recently returned from a conference where she heard a speaker encourage people to align their...
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Mar 25, 2012

The Work and the Worker

When Isaac took on the family business, it was his shot at redemption. He’d failed in school, and this was his second chance. So what happened? He failed. Again. But Isaac’s story doesn’t stop there. His uncle helped him get a college education, where he did well. How well? Fast-forward...Read more +
Mar 22, 2012

The Root of All Envy

I came across a research study the other day linking envy with sabotaging behavior at work. You wouldn’t think business researchers were so interested in such catty workplace predicaments, but apparently our inner lives have a lot to do with productivity. I can’t say I’ve been plagued much by envy...Read more +
Mar 18, 2012

What You Can Do

At work, Matt grew more anxious by the day—his dread was fueled by the fear around him. Matt’s own work was on solid ground. But from every quarter he felt the panic. Deadlines slipping. Quality dropping. Morale in a nosedive. Focused on others losing their grip, Matt was losing his...Read more +
Mar 16, 2012

We Build Jet Engines

To find people at work who are enthusiastic about what they do is inspiring. GE recently produced a series of videos, featuring their own employees, that connect the worker to the work to the vision of the company. In one video, at the GE Aviation Plant in Durham, NC, employees,...
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Mar 15, 2012

Big Chair, White Hair

I once attended a historic downtown church presided over by a distinguished older pastor. One Sunday, a young red-haired volunteer from the children's ministry came up front to make a couple of announcements. Before she finished, the pastor asked her to wait while he added something. He stepped forward to...Read more +
Mar 11, 2012

How to Find Kindness

Mary could get away with being an awful person because she was a killer sales- person. So when Mary leveled outbursts at some poor soul, her bosses just looked away. As for her coworkers, they kept their distance. ...All but Sandra, who could manage a kind attitude for anyone, Mary...Read more +