May 11, 2013

Looking for a Job? Clean Up Your Social Media

About nine in 10 hiring managers say they look at social media sites when they screen job applicants, according to one poll by Reppler . And 69% of them have turned someone down for a job based on what they saw. Indeed, social media can count in your favor, if...
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May 10, 2013

On the Shoulders of Others

In the article The Misery of Mentoring Millenials , BusinessWeek writer Marina Khidekel suggested, "For a new generation of workers, the idea of seeking out a single career confidant is…old-fashioned…." Old-fashioned? Initially, this struck me as insulting. But I’m 40. My young professional (YP) days occurred years ago. So I...Read more +
May 9, 2013

Six Ideas on How to Lead Congregations to Integrate Work and Discipleship

“How can we create a congregation where work and discipleship are truly integrated?” This is a question I am hearing more often, even though much has been written about a theology of work in recent years. Pastors and church leaders are looking for a programmatic strategy. I don’t think there...Read more +
May 8, 2013

"How Do You View Giving and Receiving Criticism?" - Boyd Clarke

"How Do You View Giving and Receiving Criticism?" - Boyd Clarke
So how can we give and take criticism that fosters growth without being discouraging or discouraged? At least part of the answer has to be humility and transparency.Read more +
May 8, 2013

Be the Best (Insert Your Name Here) You Can Be

Last week I attended a meeting where a very famous sports broadcaster gave a motivational speech. Generally, I am not very motivated by motivational speakers. This gentleman, however, was sufficiently non-motivating in a way that was actually inspiring. Let me explain. Rather than hyping up the audience with animated clichés...Read more +
May 7, 2013

#THClive with the Theology of Work Project

The Theology of Work (TOW) Project exists to help people explore what the Bible and the Christian faith can contribute to ordinary work. What does the Bible say about work? When faced with this question, many Christians are left with silence and blank stares. They’ve likely never heard a sermon...Read more +
May 6, 2013

When Women Stop Competing and Share

"I used to feel like I was pretty weird because I didn’t think the way my culture told me girls were supposed to think...I didn’t know a lot of women who felt compelled to write just to make sense of life, who couldn’t manage to pretend they didn’t have anything...
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