May 1, 2013

Social Media and the Sermon on the Mount

Imagine for a second that you are at the Galilean hillside with 150 others. It's a hot and dry day with a blazing Middle Eastern sun. Up ahead you see a slightly more organized body of people, apparently listening to a preacher. You reach the crowd and realize that this...Read more +
Apr 30, 2013

Seeing Business as an Instrument of the Kingdom

The difference between success and mediocrity or failure lies not so much with the quality of science—for these principles are nearly universal—but in the strength of vision or purpose that drives the enterprise and its employees. The Bible underscores this principle.
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Apr 29, 2013

He Gave His Medal Away to a Stranger: The Boston Marathon Saint

Laura Wellington was half a mile away from finishing when the bombs went off. The Boston Marathon came to a screeching, horrifying halt. She had run 25 and 1/2 miles for nothing. Weeping, she sat on the curb in dismay, overwhelmed with emotion for those who lost their lives, the...
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Apr 28, 2013

Better World Books: A Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet and Profits

In 2002, three college students attempted to sell their textbooks back to the university bookstore. They were offered a pittance, and the trio wondered whether the Internet might help them get a better deal. A recent article at states, "That inspiration led to the creation of Better World Books,...
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Apr 27, 2013

Do You Have Sight or Vision?

Sight without vision is dangerous because it blinds your hope for a better future. Operating by sight can cause you to see the challenges around you instead of the solutions. What could be more satisfying than to know that the God of the universe wants you to operate your life...
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Apr 26, 2013

"How Do We Glorify God in the Workplace?" - J. B. Wood

"How Do We Glorify God in the Workplace?" - J. B. Wood
I do not think that our faith at work necessarily has to be exclusively about evangelizing or kind of shouting the name of Jesus from the mountain tops. I think there is this whole other dynamic going on.Read more +
Apr 26, 2013

Apr 25, 2013

Calling vs. Occupation: Six Helpful Ideas to Help You in a Difficult Job

So, it’s another Monday, and as you hit the snooze button for the second time, you find it hard to get out of bed again to go to an occupation that you find mundane and a waste of your gifts and talents. In this economy, it’s all you could get,...Read more +