Apr 12, 2013

Six Ways to Honor College Graduates

College graduation is just around the bend. For many of the students who attended your church services or campus ministry during the university years, their new jobs will call for a goodbye. Now is the perfect time to commission them into their careers. TheHighCalling.org recently launched a Young Professionals channel...Read more +
Apr 12, 2013

The Worse Thing About Leading

You’ve poured your time and energy into giving someone the best of yourself. You’ve encouraged someone who has so much potential, only to see them “throw it away.” This is the worst thing about leadership. Knowing I’ve poured into someone and they just didn’t get it. But true influence will...
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Apr 11, 2013

God, Work, People, and the Church

With this motion graphic slideshow, Rob Murray draws from pop culture, experts in the field, and great books about faith and work to flesh out a theology of work. Rob is the founder of Firehouse Talent Agency and is pursuing the Master of Arts in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship at...Read more +
Apr 10, 2013

After Afghanistan, A Vet Finds His Talent for Felted Animals

From biology major to soldier to....farmer/creative artist? Kiyoshi Mino's life path is not typical, but that suits him just fine. Mino is a farmer who needle-felts incredibly realistic small animals for fun. The Illinois native had no intention of being an artist--or a man of the land, for that matter--but...
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Apr 10, 2013

The Long Road to Mature Work

by Alissa Wilkinson
I never thought I’d do it, but there I was, in mid-January, stretching my quads and blowing on my fists in a parking lot in Venice Beach before sunup. My first half-marathon was about to begin. And I was about to learn a valuable lesson. I’d signed up on a...Read more +
Apr 9, 2013

You Must Build Credibility Before You Can Have Influence

Last Easter Sunday was not only, well, Easter Sunday, but it was also the final episode of Mark Burnett’s series, “ The Bible ” on the History Channel, culminating in a gritty and inspiring dramatization of the crucifixion of Christ. The five-part mini series managed to generate ratings of biblical...
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Apr 8, 2013

What a Hundred Lifeguards Taught Me About Calling

Emily Freeman of Chatting at the Sky writes, "Could it be possible that your limits--those things you curse and hate and wish were different about yourself--are not holding you back but pointing you forward? It seems to me when I finally recognize my inability is when Christ shows up able...
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Apr 7, 2013

The Interconnectedness of It All

Music producer Shane D. Wilson writes, "The best chefs take risks and strive to surprise. A music mixer aiming to succeed needs to do the same. Whether by addition or omission, we need to catch the ear of our clients and listeners by creating an element of surprise. The dish...
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