Feb 6, 2012

Nothing Deceptive About It

To Jack, the new guy looked like an unmade bed. Slacks with no crease. Shoes scuffed. Hair messy. The guy’s shirt style was perfect—for ten years ago. Yet, other than his rumpled appearance, the new guy looked to be on the fast track: the bosses gave him one plum assignment...Read more +
Feb 3, 2012

Is Work a Four-Letter Word?

A dysfunctional workplace drama can only end badly, and that’s exactly what happened. Somehow, the people working for my boss had become a threat. Our work would have made any boss proud—innovative, game-changing, with glowing results. The problem was that it challenged the status quo within the larger organization. The...Read more +
Jan 30, 2012

How the Labor of Your Hands Can Make a Lasting Impact

Your work, whether it is in high rise, a classroom or in a home, isn’t always full of excitement. In fact, it’s often mundane in nature. It may be boring, simple and repeititious. There is a huge misconception that work must speak to your soul, engaging with mankind and providing...
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Jan 29, 2012

When Your Faith Should Be Silent

I remember the first time I met Dave. He had a simple job making minimum wage, but he was about to make a lasting impression on me. Navigating my car down the tight circles of the parking garage, I waited in line to pay the fee. I gave my money...Read more +
Jan 24, 2012

Moving From Either/Or to Both/And

I was festering one day over a work situation which I had instinctively interpreted as a zero sum game. By that, I mean there were two players and only two potential outcomes: a winner and a loser. This win-lose attitude was naturally accompanied by a generous barrage of negative thoughts,...Read more +
Jan 17, 2012

Vocational Surfing: Would Someone Puhleeze Ride that Wave?

My friend refuses to eat at TGI Friday’s for theological reasons. Work was given to us before the fall of humankind, not after. For that reason, work is a good thing, as opposed to being the cause for exclaiming some form of tgif. When Friday rolls around, are you glad...
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Jan 13, 2012

Photoplay: Budgeting Relationship in 2012

One of my business goals in 2012 is to invest more in clients and fellow vendors. As I build relationships in my work, I'm learning that relationship is a currency I can't afford to ignore, especially since I run my photography business with my husband. I have been told that...Read more +
Jan 13, 2012

The Secret Art of Reinventing Yourself

Eighth grade is typically a harsh year, and mine was no exception. I was not the most athletically coordinated boy, which placed me firmly at the lowest ranking of the middle school echelon. Add to that my greasy hair, braces, and oversized, thick-lens eyeglasses, and you start to get a...Read more +
Jan 9, 2012

Are You a Controlling Leader?

I’ve worked for plenty of bosses in my day, and they’ve covered the gamut of human personality. I’ve had some that were all about freedom and results. They didn’t care how I did my work, as long as I finished it well. On the other extreme, I’ve had bosses who...
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Jan 9, 2012

The Transformation of Character

As we enter a season of resolutions, the transformation of character should be at the top of our list. At the heart of our transformation is a deeper trust in God. Another layer of self-centeredness is peeled away as we trust more deeply. Here is the real challenge: not just...
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