May 21, 2013

The Long Nose of God

The Hebrew word for "slow to anger" is literally "long of nose." But God is "long of nose," meaning that it takes much longer for his wrath to kindle. Yes, he bristles at injustice, and rightfully so. But he is slow to anger. And he does not hold to resentment...
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May 21, 2013

You've Got to Fight For Your Life

Every great story, every hero, every inspiring moment is born out of adversity and perseverance. Conflict and battles are the stuff of myth and legend, and we love these stories because, well, we can relate . Our personal and work lives are filled with mini-versions of this type of drama:...Read more +
May 20, 2013

Top Ten Ways to Laugh at Work

I have had my share of insanely-awful Tuesdays. My mornings usually consisted of lukewarm coffee, screaming children, re-heated muffins, and boring NPR stories. I was stuck in traffic, with bad hair and pants that are an inch too short, and when I got to work I noticed half-done reports and...
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May 19, 2013

Do You Know Who I Am?

While attending a dinner, newly elected Senator Bill Bradley asked the waiter for an extra pat of butter. The waiter said, "Sorry, one pat per person." The emcee overheard and demanded: "Do you know who this is? This is Bill Bradley! All-American from Princeton. All-Pro with the Knicks. U.S. senator!...Read more +
May 18, 2013

Community Post: Living a Simpler Life Without an Apocalypse

Tom Volkar, a life coach specializing in people who want to own their own businesses, is a fan of The Walking Dead. On his CoreU blog, he states, " I’m drawn to the simpler life of surviving and of finding shelter, food and safety. . . I think it would...
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May 17, 2013

Creating Institutional Balance, Playfulness and Harmony

Laity Lodge's blogger "Pilgrim" found four stone cairns outside his cabin at a retreat, and was taken with their beauty, creativity and simplicity. God encouraged him in a very specific way through the cairns, so Pilgrim even made a few of his own Little did Pilgrim know that he was...
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May 17, 2013

Avoiding the Success Trap

Some might say that insecurity is my vocational Grim Reaper. I’d prefer to see it as ingenuity keeping things fresh. Either way, the traditional success story of rising to the top eludes me because I don’t stay on any work path long enough to go "Big." I get bored, say...Read more +
May 16, 2013

Nine (or 10) Keys for Transitioning from Traditional to Missional

Many church leaders are seeking to understand how to move existing churches toward a missional direction. Brad Brisco of the Missional Church Network offers nine elements that he believes need to be considered when making a missional shift. Here they are (with excerpts from each). After this list, I have...Read more +