Mar 13, 2013

Have You Hugged a Journalist Today?

“Lord, grant that my work increase knowledge and help other men. Failing that, Lord, grant that it will not lead to man’s destruction. Failing that, Lord, grant that my article in Brain be published before the destruction takes place.” ― Walker Percy, Love in the Ruins Have you thanked a...Read more +
Mar 13, 2013

It’s Beginning to Make Sense: College, Calling, and Career

by Sam Guthrie
When I first stepped foot onto Gordon College’s campus, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of who I was and what I was going to do after college. But after four years of challenging professors, culture-shocking journeys, and the influence of mentors and friends, I find myself humbled...Read more +
Mar 13, 2013

Why Guilt-Ridden People Make Better Leaders

The head of security, Fred, poked his head into my office the other day and asked if I was busy. “Uh…well, I’m going to lunch,” I said. It was 12:15, and my stomach was growling. Fred doesn’t usually show up around here in the executive suite, so it seemed a...Read more +
Mar 13, 2013

Why Happy Employees Are Good for the Bottom Line

Analysis conducted by the Gallup Organization found that disgruntled employees disengage and cost the American economy up to $350 billion a year in lost productivity. A happy workplace is one that is committed to perpetual improvement, and not just as a line item on the balance sheet. Read The Secrets...
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Mar 11, 2013

Shifting Into Higher Gears of Success

As a teenager, I enjoyed shifting gears in my 1965 Mustang. I can still feel the thrill of the engine roaring and the speedometer increasing as I shifted from one gear to the next! It gave me a bit of a rush. But in order to experience it, I had...
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Mar 9, 2013

Jesus Is a Capitalist

Jesus is a capitalist. He speaks often of money, and clearly demonstrates that God will obtain a return on His many investments in us, one way or another. He allows nothing to be wasted, not even the broken pieces of our relationships. Building His Body.
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Mar 8, 2013

Community Post: Because Sometimes God's Timing is Perfect

Two years to write my memoir, two years to land an agent, nearly two years for that agent to sell it to a publisher. Can I just tell you…I’d pretty much given up. Honestly, I’d given up hope on that book. After wrestling and begging and pleading with God for...
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Mar 7, 2013

A Small Company With "Regular People" Wins Recognition

A small company won the prestigious Malcom Baldrige quality award. How did they do it? “Of course, we weren’t supposed to win. We’re just regular, common people,” said Texas Signplate President Dale Crownover “It was God. It was the faith. And we have a little bit of love,” Theology of...
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Mar 6, 2013

20 Simple Ways to Encourage Others

If you long to be an encourager as you go about the high calling of your daily work, Family Life Today offers 20 practical ideas, from an excerpt of Sam Crabtree's book, Practicing Affirmation . Image by Patricia Hunter . Used by permission.
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