Apr 26, 2013

Unemployed Shaun: A Humorous Message to Graduating College Students

Dear College Senior,

Graduation happens a week—maybe two—from today, and unless you're planning to travel or head off to grad school, you need employment.

But poor Shaun. As you'll hear below, he didn’t make the cut. Standards run high in the job market today and, unfortunately, Shaun spent all of his time on social media.

Clever marketing aside, social media can be more friend than villain at this point in your life. Hubs such as LinkedIn lead to plenty of jobs. And Twitter and Facebook connect you with people who are connected with people who know of job openings. You know how it works.

Ironically, so does Audible.com. They sell audio books, written by writers whose job is writing but who wouldn’t get published if they didn’t have a social media platform. "How many Twitter followers do you have?" the potential publisher asks. "Tell us about your blog readership." Then, "We’ll consider your book pitch once you’ve increased those numbers by 30%."

It’s really a matter of usage, something Shaun neglected. You can increase those platform numbers with your smart phone. You can also use it to research a company’s financial history, determine whether it aligns with your faith, and get directions to the interview location once you decide the company in question would be a good fit.

But it isn’t even about the smart phone, is it? According to the ad, the game-changer is wisdom. Shaun didn’t have any. In a few days, you will officially enter the world of young professionals, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to exercise wisdom. The High Calling cares about this plunge into what many consider the "real world." The truth is, your real world has been taking shape for years, through home and church, school and part-time jobs, coaches and peers. Now it’s application time.

(Just don’t tweet it when it counts.)

When Jesus said "Go and do likewise" at the close of the Good Samaritan story, he was calling listeners to serve God and love their neighbors every day and in every place—work, too. We will be praying for you in the coming month. We will pray for interviews to go well, for wisdom to be abundant, and for the job you land to bring satisfaction to you and light to others.

All the best!

Sincerely, because we <3 ypfs,

YP Editor 


P.S. to all readers: Tell us how social media helped you find a job.

Image by photologue_np. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr. Audio clip courtesy of Audible.com. Post written by Sam Van Eman, narrator of A Beautiful Trench It Was.

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