Have you ever been so frustrated that you're just done? You've been banging your head against a wall, trying to finish a project, waiting for a response from someone that you needed three days ago, and you finally just throw up your hands and give up. This is the point when, at least for me, someone who knows me well enough to be able to tell when I'm done fuming and ready to listen points out either a) the solution I've been too worked up to see, b) the ways I've been making the situation worse and stressing everyone else out, or c) the fact that I've blown something way out of proportion.

Perspective makes a huge difference, doesn't it? One way or another, we're all bringing things with us to work. For some of us, it's a mixed bag of problems, anxieties, and frustrations. How many of us manage to bring perspective, patience, and faith? How might things look if we did? 

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When we become Christians, we don't merely choose an eternity in heaven over hell. Rather, we are "born again"; like a newborn child, each of us enters into a new life that we fully inhabit, day-in and day-out. God desires that we pursue a relationship with him every day, in all aspects of life. When we try to live daily life for the sake of his glory, he deems it sacred.

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