Recently, The High Calling had the opportunity to speak about leadership and inspiration with Sonny Melendrez, broadcaster, motivational speaker, and author. Click "Show More" to see the transcript.

Transcript: Somebody asked Walt Disney once what it was that he was most proud of.  And he said what it was that he did, was to find people who were capable and extremely talented and then to point them toward a goal and to get out of their way. 

I think that’s what a great leader does.  A great leader is literally someone who finds, sometimes, diamonds in the rough, gets people, marshals them together and makes them the best that they can be—gives them a goal and then becomes their cheerleader.


Leaders must reckon with a variety of practical pressures: deadlines, financial benchmarks, reputations, production requirements. Yet we are called to lead in response to God's call for our lives, not in response to manmade pressures. This may involve worrying more about broad human flourishing than next quarter's profits, or caring for individual team members more than what "big boss" thinks of us. When we lead from the soul, we lead for the sake of God's pleasure, not the pleasure of others. And when we do this, we live into the freedom that only he can give us.

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