Jan 13, 2015

Barry Saunders: Hunting Creativity

About This Video

Barry Saunders, Innovation Consultant, reminds us of the importance of finding inspiration and exercising creativity in our work, no matter what it is we do.

Humans have been called to creativity from day one. We are made in the image of a creative God, and have a built in desire to build, grow, plant, restore, and flourish. No matter what work we do, our high calling leads us to this end. Why? Because it is a source of joy, both to God and to us.

There are aspects of stewardship in it, definitely. There is the desire to be like the One who made us. Even deeper than that, though, is the fact that creativity means bringing all of ourselves to our work, to our relationships, and to our faith. It means wholeness—the kind of wholeness that, as we remember today, Christ came, died, and rose again to bring us.

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