Jun 27, 2014

Sharing the Wealth

About This Video

Another encouraging message from Howard Butt, Jr. of The High Calling about the importance of keeping your employees in the loop.

It's tempting to think of knowledge as power, and that the more we keep to ourselves, the more authority, importance, and responsibility we have. But is that really an effective way to work? 

This is a story of two bosses, one who hoards information in order to guarantee his authority, and one who shares it with his employees. There are two attitudes at work here: one characterized by power, the other by trust. As an employee, which would you respond to?

Clearly, people respond to trust. If you give it to them, they will instinctively want to live up to it. If they don't feel valued or respected, their work will suffer. Beyond that, aren't we called to respect all men as children of God? Cultivating an open, collaborative work environment makes good business sense, but even more importantly...it is part of the high calling of our daily work. 

You can find the transcript of this video here, and even more videos like this one over at the High Calling Youtube Channel

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