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Oct 19, 2014

God's Perspective on Your Work

Lisa did not enjoy her work. She should—it involved many of the things she liked to do. But just … no joy. Meanwhile, jobs were scarce, and she knew she should be grateful for twice-monthly paychecks. Meanwhile, one more thing: Lisa began to find time every morning to pray. Nothing...Read more +
Oct 17, 2014

Find New Life: The Temptation to Turn Back

I watched as my oncologist heaved open my giant medical folder. “I’ve got a big chart,” I said, laughing. “At Dr. Jeffrey’s office, they created a Part 2 for me.” As a long-term survivor of stage four cancer, I’ve seen many doctors for years. “Yes, well, a big chart is...Read more +
Oct 15, 2014

VIDEO: Did You Miss Your Vocation?

Last month, Mark Labberton, the president of Fuller Seminary and our personal friend published an incredibly important new book, Called . Mark Roberts, primary author of our Daily Reflections, felt so strongly about the book that he commissioned several videos to help bring Labberton’s ideas to as many people as...Read more +
Oct 15, 2014

Your Work Is Not as Important as You Want It To Be: A Review of Mark Labberton’s New Book

The American church is in crisis. We have traded Christ’s passion for our own church programs. We have traded the Kingdom of God for the kingdom of politics. We have traded selfless community, existing to worship God and serve others, for selfish community, existing to entertain ourselves and maintain a...Read more +
Oct 16, 2014

Unexpected Orchestras: Finding God in Our Daily Routine

Flash mob in the Copenhagen Metro. Copenhagen Phil playing Peer Gynt.
Do you dread your morning commute? What if a full orchestra performed for you tomorrow morning? That's what Copenhagen Phil (Sjællands Symfoniorkester) did for passengers on the Copenhagen Metro last month.Read more +
Oct 10, 2014

Habits That Work: Windows to Grace

Years ago, when my two boys (now 10 and 16) were babies, I felt constrained by household chores. The grinding cycle of tasks such as cooking, changing diapers, and cleaning up messes—when I wanted to be doing something more fun—frustrated me to no end. Nothing ever stayed done. Maybe that’s...Read more +
Oct 10, 2014

Habits That Work: My Daily Hallelujah

Getting regular exercise was always a challenge for me until I discovered the Leslie Sansone indoor walking program. I loved to walk outside—at least that's what I always told myself. It seemed that my daily walk was always the first thing to drop from my day. Perhaps I didn't really...Read more +
Oct 10, 2014

Habits That Work: Worship Break

It's 1:00 in the afternoon when I drag the lawn chair out from under the umbrella on the back patio. I’ve learned to protect with necessary vigilance this scheduled break in my day—a two-hour window that opens and closes quickly. This groove worn into my days since my children were...Read more +
Oct 13, 2014

Share Your Story (Linkup): Find New Life

Finding New Life is one of our faith’s most treasured benefits. If you have a past, there’s nothing more cleansing than the opportunity to start again. Portland, OR is home to a unique bread company that is expanding rapidly. Dedicated to organics and healthy ingredients, Dave’s Killer Breads were first...Read more +
Oct 10, 2014

Habits That Work: Making Dinner

I have been making dinner for my family since I was ten years old, only back then I made it for my sister and my parents, and now I make it for my husband and our kids. Thirty years of daily dinner-making is 11,000 meals. Sometimes, the dailiness of this...Read more +

Daily Reflection From Laity Lodge

Who Is the Audience for Worship?

If you were to eavesdrop on the conversations of churchgoers after a typical worship service, you’d hear comments like, “I loved the band this morning” or “The choir was a little off” or “The sermon was great” or “Pastor Mark missed it this morning.” If you didn’t know anything about Christian worship, other than what you heard from worshipers on their way home from church, you’d figure that worship is some kind of performance. The churchgoers are the audience (or...Read more +