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Jul 30, 2014

Yes, I'm the Mechanic

For a lot of people, making the transition from being an international realty broker to running an auto mechanic shop might seem pretty tough—and George Zaloom wouldn't tell you otherwise. But the process through which George became able to answer, "Yes, I'm the mechanic" without it sounding like "Yes, I'm...Read more +
Jul 29, 2014

Your Work Matters: On the Work of Motherhood and Dreams

Lying across the “big bed," an open window invites a breeze to tickle my spine. Stretching out like this feels good for the kink living in my lower back, and I pour myself into the purr escaping my lips. Unplanned moments of self-care are welcomed and I melt into the...
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Jul 27, 2014

Your Work Matters: Depression, Dishes, and Delight

“How old is your son?” the woman sitting next to me asked. “Four months,” I mumbled, quickly taking a bite of my salad and faking a smile. I thought of the piles of dirty clothes and clutter at home and wished for the tenth time that morning that I hadn’t...Read more +
Jul 28, 2014

Your Work Matters: Choosing Order Over Chaos

He used a device on a tripod and I had no idea how in the world it worked. That was his department. And someone else was hauling the fence posts. Someone else was mixing concrete. My job was to dig the holes centered where the stakes had been meticulously placed...
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Jul 27, 2014

Your Work Matters: When Others Don’t Appreciate

I have a job that sounds exciting—I lead the social media team for a large publicly held company. Every day is different. No day is like any other. I can plan my day—schedule meetings, carve out chunks of time to get work done, make phone calls, set aside some time...Read more +
Jul 26, 2014

Your Work Matters: Making History (or Not)

I was running afternoon errands and pulled into a parking spot between the Rockrimmon Library Branch and Safeway. First on the list: return library books. Near the library entrance, I spotted a bumper sticker that said, “Well-Behaved Women Don’t Make History,” which immediately triggered some thoughts, including: The woman who...
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Jul 27, 2014

Your Work Matters: Unspoken Agreement

It’s nearly midmorning when I stand on the porch watching the heat rise off the asphalt. The girls chalk their way down Avent Street, and the boys swing from the tire swing in the big oak tree. The baby and the toddler nap under the ceiling fan inside, and as...Read more +
Jul 27, 2014

Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe was arguably the greatest American athlete of all time. He won the decathlon and pentathlon at the 1912 Olympics. After that, he played pro baseball and football. In college, his Carlisle track team was invited to compete against the powerful Lafayette College. His school arrived with only five...Read more +
Jul 24, 2014

"How Does God View the Bottom Line?" - Boyd Clarke

"How Does God View the Bottom Line?" - Boyd Clarke
It's not my money. It's somebody else's money that I am called to manage in their interest. In our modern work environment, we call that being a fiduciary. I have to understand that the money I am managing is not mine; it's the shareholders.Read more +
Jul 20, 2014

Making Money: Why the Guilt?

Christians sometimes have a hard time talking about wealth—especially personal wealth. There are hundreds of scripture verses about money, and the Bible is clear about our responsibility to tithe and give to the poor. The Word teaches that stewardship and contentment mean more to God than the numbers on our...Read more +

Daily Reflection From Laity Lodge

The Unexpected Jesus

When Jesus entered the Temple on the day after his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, those who had welcomed him the day before no doubt expected something big to happen. Perhaps Jesus was going to announce the beginning of his kingship. Perhaps he was going to raise up an army to oust the Romans. Perhaps something even more amazing. But nobody would have expected Jesus to do what he actually did in the Temple. There, in the holy place of God,...Read more +