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Aug 24, 2014

A Letter to My Younger Self: Trust Yourself

Dear girl, Yes, you always will be a girl—or at least part of you will. Fifty feels decidedly ungirlish, I know, but believe me when I tell you this: fifty truly is nifty. Such a great age! The hard work of growing up, navigating relationships, figuring out what it means...Read more +
Aug 26, 2014

"What Are the Important Decisions?" - Steve Norris

"What are the important decisions?" - Steve Norris
The most important decisions I make as a leader are how I treat people. You know, we’re a company, we’re here to make a profit, we’re here to do good work, but really it has to do with relationships.Read more +
Aug 26, 2014

A Letter to My Younger Self: 20/20 Vision

I am an adult third culture kid. My first memories come from early mornings on a rooftop in the southern part of Pakistan. We would sleep on the high flat roof, mosques on all four sides of our home. Mosquito netting covered our beds, shielding our bodies from the harm...Read more +
Aug 26, 2014

What Ferguson Taught Us: Two Ways You Can Pray for Your Community

At The High Calling we talk a lot about vocation and calling and the integration of faith and work. Sometimes, as we do our work, we make mistakes. Sometimes, mistakes are made by others. Sometimes, our credibility at work and in our community comes into question. Sometimes, our credibility deserves...Read more +
Aug 26, 2014

What Ferguson Taught Us: Pick Up Your Corner

I was in the front row of the sanctuary, face-to-face with a woman’s raw pain, running liquid down her brown cheeks. She was standing at the podium—with her eyes closed, face lifted toward heaven, arms raised. A man stood at the piano, hunting for the right notes, like he knew...Read more +
Aug 24, 2014

A Letter to My Younger Self: Three Crucial Needs in Your Life

“Keep on with the talents that the Lord has given you. You weren’t put on earth to be a loner. If you are a loner, you have real problems ahead of you.” This is part of the advice that Richard Eckart, 80, would give if he could write a letter...Read more +
Aug 25, 2014

A Letter to My Younger Self, Eileen Knowles

Yo, Younger Self, what up?!? Okay, so maybe I wouldn’t start a letter to my younger self that way. Unless, of course, I was trying way too hard to convince my younger self how cool I turned out. Yep, this once clarinet-toting, marching band member who used to hide in...Read more +
Aug 24, 2014

A Letter to My Younger Self: BBQ Networking

I pull my specialty burgers from the fridge to bring them to room temp. Our son Matt and his wife of one year, Jessica, will arrive in an hour or so. They come by a couple of Sunday afternoons a month for a BBQ. My wife, Cindy, and I eagerly...Read more +
Aug 24, 2014

Life Doesn't Card You at the Door

When Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, he was only 33 years old. When Benjamin Franklin wrote Poor Richard's Almanac , he was 26. At age 18, Mary Shelley began writing Frankenstein . Isaac Newton was 25 when he formulated the law of gravity. But wait. Emanuel Kant wrote...Read more +
Aug 24, 2014

A Letter to My Younger Self: Reconsidering Retirement

As Baby Boomers age, traditional American retirement seems impossible. In June, TIME Magazine's cover story proclamed: "2030: The Year Retirement Ends." The years after 2030, the article prognosticates, "won't be the years that recent generations have known." A typical retiree (an educated, 64-year-old Gen X businesswoman) will be living on...Read more +

Daily Reflection From Laity Lodge

Faithful Together

In my last reflection, I focused on the women who were faithful to Jesus even as he was crucified. Their example stood in contrast to that of the male disciples who deserted Jesus. What enabled the women to remain faithful even at the risk of their own well-being? Why did they stick with Jesus while the men abandoned him? Mark does not answer these questions directly. But the text does suggest at least one reason why the women remained: they...Read more +