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Jan 23, 2015

Rediscovering Community: With a Little Help from Our Friends

“I’ll bring some lemon chicken tomorrow evening,” a friend from church texted. “You are so good to us! Thank you! We will gratefully and gladly receive it,” I texted back. During an intense two months when my husband and I dealt with a chaotic situation, our family’s meals had become...Read more +
Jan 23, 2015

Rediscovering Community: Redefining Real Friends

I huddle with my husband and two teenagers in a cloud of breath, mesmerized by orange flames licking glass inside two lamps flanking the front door, waiting for signs of life after pushing the doorbell. We’ve arrived for a respite on our first day of a holiday road trip after...Read more +
Jan 27, 2015

"How Important Are Personal Relationships?" - Kimberly Renner

"How important are personal relationships?" - Kimberly Renner
We have plenty of opportunities to treat personal interactions as either transactions...or as opportunities, however brief, for relationships. Which has more to offer?Read more +
Jan 23, 2015

Rediscovering Community: Missional Communities That Change Lives

Stan and Holly are a delightful couple who, hungry for authentic community, started going to one of our church’s missional communities. We have over fifty of these groups meeting all around town. This group of around twenty-five to thirty people was focused on bringing together couples from their area to...Read more +
Jan 23, 2015

Rediscovering Community: Move into the Neighborhood

A coyote was roaming our street. Most of the neighborhood was aware of the coyote’s whereabouts from postings on a private Facebook page, but one couple isn’t on social media. The timing wasn’t convenient or ideal, but warning my neighbors to be cautious and then listening to their struggles trumped...Read more +
Jan 25, 2015


Author Philip Yancey tells of two peacemakers approaching a group of Polish Christians 10 years after World War II. They asked the Poles to meet with other Christians from West Germany. The German group wanted forgiveness for its nation’s deeds in the war. The Poles hesitated and said, “No. We...Read more +
Jan 16, 2015

Paying Well: Let the Corners Go

by Alissa Wilkinson
I’ve never worked in a service industry that involved tipping. But I’ve heard the horror stories. Some of the worst involve church groups who refuse to tip well, which makes me glad I haven’t had to work for tips. Because of my job, I spend a lot of time on...Read more +
Jan 22, 2015

Margo Engberg: Creating Cupcakes and Community

This video comes courtesy of our friends over at Centered , a site focused on faith, work and leadership. Margo Engberg is the mother of four adopted children from Guatemala and the founder of Pinkabella Cupcakes , a gourmet cupcake boutique. Since founding PinkaBella six years ago, Margo has donated...Read more +
Jan 16, 2015

Paying Well: Compensation Is Never Straightforward

We laughed out loud, the three of us shivering in the garage, breath visible in the biting cold, before one of them handed me some folded cash. I took it like an after-thought, like it didn’t matter, then slipped it into my pocket while making another joke about winter. I...Read more +
Jan 21, 2015

"How Does God View the Bottom Line?" - Boyd Clarke

"How Does God View the Bottom Line?" - Boyd Clarke
It's not my money. It's somebody else's money that I am called to manage in their interest. In our modern work environment, we call that being a fiduciary. I have to understand that the money I am managing is not mine; it's the shareholders.Read more +

Daily Reflection From Laity Lodge

Four Tips on Sexual Purity from Jesus

Breaking news! Sexual purity is very, very important to Jesus. Modern culture may be pretty relaxed about it but not Jesus. And sexual purity isn’t just about what we do. It’s about what we think—especially for those who tend to be aroused more by images and imagination! Here’s help from Jesus: 1. Remember, the first look is free. Don’t feel guilty if you notice another attractive person. It’s normal for us to notice others. It’s part of our primal wiring...Read more +