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Oct 31, 2014

"Can Day-to-Day Work Be Holy?" - Norm Goodyear

"Can Day-to-Day Work be Holy?" - Norm Goodyear
We may not always understand what God has planned for the work we do...but working faithfully and well has its own kind of holiness.Read more +
Oct 24, 2014

Holy Routines: Finding God in the Boundaries of Time

On a Saturday, I left my husband and the boys at home and drove to the WalMart in our small city for my weekly grocery shopping. When I had parked and began checking my purse for the shopping list and pen I knew were there, I noticed that my cell...Read more +
Oct 29, 2014

Labor in the Dark

Labor in the Dark
Before Arturo Toscanini was one of the world's great musical directors, he was a cellist so nearsighted that he memorized his sheet music. He also memorized the parts for every instrument in the orchestra.Read more +
Oct 24, 2014

Holy Routines: The Pilgrim Life

My pilgrimage began the day we went back to visit my grandmother’s land. I had come to say goodbye, to walk my memories across the familiar pasture, trace my boundary lines along the ancient wooden fence. The land was passing out of our grasp, as were many of my early...Read more +
Oct 24, 2014

Holy Routines: Commuting Prayers

A few years ago, a girlfriend convinced me to join a morning prayer group. This group of women rose early and checked in online to keep each other accountable as they prayed and set their day off in a good direction. It started off well. I popped up from my...Read more +
Oct 27, 2014

Share Your Story: Designed to Work

His name was Tony. He wore the hotel-issued black shirt, the silver nametag, and the confidence of a man who'd been in his line of work for a while. "May I take your plate? Would you like more water? Is anyone here gluten-free?" He worked his way around our table,...
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Oct 24, 2014

Holy Routines: Teatime Sanity

by Maurice Broaddus
Life is hectic. You get home from work late, again, with just enough time to eat before getting the kids ready for bed. They argue over whose turn it is to take their shower first or who touched whose stuff. You get them past their fussing long enough for them...Read more +
Oct 27, 2014

Bruce Springsteen

Entertainer Bruce Springsteen’s music has always dignified the ordinary circumstances of life. He told The New York Times , “I felt that I saw a nobility in people. Not the kind you read in the storybooks, but the kind where people go to work every day, they come home every...Read more +
Oct 17, 2014

Find New Life: The Upside Down Kingdom

When he became ill while treating Ebola patients in Liberia, the first American flown back from Africa to battle the disease in the U.S. told Matt Lauer in an interview for NBC news that at first he prayed it was malaria. When that test came back negative, his friends and...Read more +
Oct 17, 2014

Find New Life: Let’s Take a Leap of Faith

It must have been at least twenty minutes before my husband and I realized we’d been staring silently at strangers pulling carry-on luggage past us in the terminal. Seated against the wall, coats draped over our laps, we were waiting at the gate for an early morning departure from Dallas,...Read more +

Daily Reflection From Laity Lodge

Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart

I can still hear the voices of my Sunday school teachers as they taught me to memorize Psalm 119:11 in the classic King James Version: “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” Hiding God’s word in one’s heart was a matter of Bible memorization, which was highly prized in my Sunday school. If we memorized passages from Scripture, we’d get little stickers that would be applied to our 12x24 inch cardboard shields...Read more +