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Nov 21, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Thankful: 14 Happy Ways to Teach Kids to be Grateful

How long do I really have to figure it out? How long do I have to figure out how to live full of joy? So my husband might find himself married to a woman he loves being with. A woman who knows how to laugh at the days to come...Read more +
Nov 21, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Thankful: Eucharisteo with Ann Voskamp

My first conversation with Ann Voskamp was at Laity Lodge near Kerrville, Texas. Writers and editors for The High Calling were having a late night get-together. Looking for something to drink, I walked into the kitchen and smack-dab into a spirited conversation about national health care. Ann turned to me...Read more +
Nov 21, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Thankful: Dear God, Thank You for This Crummy Job

I remember the days when I bounded out of bed, ready to seize the day. Back then, work was a joy. My coworkers banded together as we found new solutions to fix problems. My chain of command was empowering. My duties were challenging and fresh, engaging my mind and abilities...Read more +
Nov 24, 2014

The Most Important Ingredient

When Mark was 13, his mom let him bake the crowning moment of their family's Thanksgiving meal—the pumpkin pie. She figured he couldn't mess up a recipe that depended on store-bought crust and canned pumpkin. Despite the distraction of his favorite college football game, Mark successfully baked a beautiful golden...Read more +
Nov 18, 2014

Create Good: Finding Purpose in a Pickle Jar

I love pickles–ALL sorts of pickles. Pickle spears to accompany sandwiches, dill slices on hamburgers, little gherkins for snacking, and giant pickles on a stick (the kind they sell at the state fair). Consequently, we have a lot of pickle jars at my house. I used to throw them away...
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Nov 20, 2014

"How Should Christians Think About Their Work?" - Bonnie Wurzbacher

How Should Christians Think About Their Work? - Bonnie Wurzbacher
How can we think about both the process and product of our work as Christians? Bonnie Wurzbacher thinks we can't ignore the fruits of our labor.Read more +
Nov 18, 2014

Create Good: Close Enough to Love

“Your house smells weird!” He dramatically shook his head and crinkled his nose. I agreed. “Yea, it smells different than yours, huh?” I didn’t rush to open a window or light a candle. He was right. My place doesn’t smell like his. In fact it’s so different, it must be...
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Nov 14, 2014

Create Good: It Takes Persistence

Whether you’re creating good in this world by faithfully serving others or by actually creating something like art, music, writing, or dance, it takes work. It takes time. It takes persistence. Few of us will be required to persist to the level Paul Smith does in order to create art...Read more +
Nov 18, 2014

Create Good: Harvesting Quiet Gifts of Good

I grew up in a family entrenched in ministry. I saw shepherding and serving as difficult and thankless. My parents often burned-out on doing good but never pulled back for times of respite. The older I became, the more I resented their focus on other people, especially since my siblings...
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Nov 19, 2014

"What Kind of Change Should We Strive for in Our Communities?" - Andy Crouch

"What Kind of Change Should We Strive for in Our Communities?" - Andy Crouch
Cultures are designed to ward off impact. Instead, I think we need to look for more modest words: words like influence, words like create, and words like contribute.Read more +

Daily Reflection From Laity Lodge

Should We Really Give Thanks for Everything?

Ephesians 5:20 urges us to give thanks to God the Father for everything . For everything? Really? Are we to thank the Lord for pain and suffering? For heresy and falsehood? For depression and death? For sinfulness and evil? For despair and darkness? Common sense suggests that we should not thank God for that which is contrary to God’s own will. In 1 John 1:5, for example, we read that “God is light; in him there is no darkness at...Read more +